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The topic of money came up last week and I get a little concerned that many ethical brand owners say this: ‘But I’m an ethical brand owner! It’s not about the money, it’s about doing something good in this world!’

Be still my heart! If this is you talking, I love your mindset, but if I may, let me send you some tough love right now.

It’s 100% ethical to earn money and not only are you allowed to be abundant, it’s necessary and even required.

And you know you’re earning it ethically, so no worries there.

Video: Is it Ethical to Rock your Revenue and be Abundant?

Why is Money so Important?

#1: To Run a Sustainable Business
#2: You Can’t Save the World if You’re Drowning
#3: It’s About You and Your Life
#4: You Owe it to Your Customers

#1: To Run a Sustainable Business

If you want your business to survive for the long term, you need money. Because without enough money, you can’t pay your bills, hire new employees and expand your business, invest in better technology, etc. If you’re not consistently earning money, your business will fail.

If you don’t earn enough money, you won’t have a sustainable business.

If you deplete all your financial resources on one thing, like packaging or Facebook ads, but cannot sell your products, you will fail.

In order to run a sustainable business, you want to make sure your pot is full so that you can invest in ALL areas of your business.

If you’re familiar with the Laws of Attraction, you know this to be true: If you invest in your business or in yourself, you will be rewarded. That’s how all successful business owners work. They know it takes money to make money and when you have enough money, you’ll be able to make the right investments easily.

#2: You Can’t Save the World if You’re Drowning

Not only is it a question of your business being sustainable, YOU need to be sustainable. And it’s not a selfish question.

If you want your business to succeed, you’re responsible to make sure you’re thriving and are supported.

Which means you need to make money. Not only that, earning money needs to be easy otherwise you’ll be exhausted. If you’re constantly worrying and stressing about your revenue, you won’t have the mental capacity to be able to think strategically and will end up dabbling in your marketing which is like throwing spaghetti at walls.

Think about what flight attendants tell us: Put the O2 mask on first before helping someone else because if you can’t breathe, you can’t help anyone else.

Same with your business purpose: If you’re stressing about each sale, you won’t be able to make an impact in your industry or in the world.

#3: It’s About You and Your Life

If you’re not earning enough money, you’ll worry about your business’ future and that won’t make you happy.

But you didn’t start your business to end up unhappy.

You deserve to be downright happy and have fun being the rockstar of your incredible business. Instead, you should be proud of your creation and the good you’re doing in this world.

#4: You Owe it to Your Customers

Your customers love your stuff and want to see you thrive and stick around for the long-term. They want to support you. But if your business fails because you’re not making enough money to keep it running, they won’t be able to buy their favorite stuff anymore which would disappoint them and make them unhappy.

You owe it to them to thrive so that they can stay happy, too.

How Can You Increase Sales to be able to Rock Your Revenue?

The way to consistently bring in money is to have a plan.

To create and implement a marketing strategy that magnetizes people and just plain rocks!

Thinking strategically is the most sustainable and easiest way to increase revenue.

Because your business rocks and it’s about time your revenue did too!

Do you think strategically?

Do you have a marketing strategy that rocks?

It’s Time to Create Your Marketing Strategy

OK, so now you know you need a marketing strategy, do you know where to start?

If not, it’s OK, you’re definitely not alone. This is quite common actually. The problem is that if you let this block stop you from creating your marketing strategy, you’ll fail in your business because marketing will either make or break your business.

So if you want your business to thrive and if you want to thrive and make an impact in this world, you’re going to have to start somewhere.

That somewhere is here! You’re at the right place because I’m going to be here with you every step of the way to make sure you create a marketing strategy that rocks! Are you ready?

Money is what keeps your business running.

Money is what keeps YOU running.

Money is what makes sure your customers get their favorite products.

Money is what makes sure that you can grow and scale your business the way you want.

Join Me at the Customer Attraction Masterclass

I know the starting point is the toughest because it’s unfamiliar, so that’s why I’m teaching a masterclass to get you started on the right track.

In this Customer Attraction Masterclass, I’ll be showing you and others in a small group how to master the first two steps of creating a marketing strategy. We’ll dig deep to define your business identity, what makes you unique and your target market. We’ll set goals that inspire you and niche your business down to create your special gift. You’ll get your branding intact and know who you’re speaking – and selling – to.

These are the first and foremost steps, but often times, the ones that are most ignored because many people think their branding is OK and they know their customers. But then reality hits when they look at their figures at the end of each month or quarter.

If your branding is tight and you know your customers better than they know themselves, that’s when you can start to see magic happen. It doesn’t stop there though – there is more to creating a marketing strategy. BUT, this is where you need to start and believe me, I’ve been a marketer since 1991, I know what I’m talking about. This is the most important part!

Ready to Start Creating Your Marketing Strategy?

Come On, Let's Get You Started!

Have you started creating your marketing strategy yet or just don’t know where to start?
Please comment below and let’s talk!

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