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Stand out and attract mission-aligned clients by ethically marketing your creative freelancing business so that you can reach your revenue and impact goals and concentrate on your craft.

Word on the path

Stacey Shaller, Strategic Graphic Designer for Regenerative CPG Brands

“Jessica is an amazing coach and you’ll quickly find your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be able to work through those sticky points and come out the other side with the tools and strategies to start a business effectively.”

Compared to other programs:
“Jessica, you dug deep in this program. This program really breaks it down, gives you the tools and strategies to go after what you want, how to know what is working and what isn’t working.”

Overall satisfaction: 5 Stars (Excellent):
“Marketing by Nature was very in-depth and comprehensive. I can see and measure progress from when I started to now. The rest of the group was also great and worked well together.”

Safiya Allaf, Sustainable & Circular Fashion Creative Copywriter & Strategist

“I feel empowered and armed with the right tools, knowledge and resources to bring in my dream clients.

“I’d say it’s hard work and you have to be ready to put in the effort but that it’s so worth it. You would get endless support, resources and feedback on everything you’re doing from Jessica and the group that’s doing it alongside you. It’s not just another marketing course, it’s also going to change how you view yourself and your business in a positive way. It helps break down limiting beliefs and reframe your position within your chosen field.

Overall satisfaction: 5 Stars (Excellent):
Marketing by Nature is the only place where I, as a freelance sustainable copywriter can learn how to craft an ethical marketing plan that aligns with my values so that I can attract long-term clients within my chosen niche. It’s going to be crucial to my success. It’s given me a solid foundation to build my marketing plan.

Anna Korlath, Visual Storyteller for Clean Energy Visionaries

It’s a great opportunity to get your business going. I had an increase in social engagement, coffee chats, and followers… The constant support and feedback, and the live aspect pushed me to do the work. Honestly, it was great how it was.

What was most useful 
The constant support and feedback, and the live aspect, it pushed me to do the work. Honestly, it was great how it was.

Overall satisfaction: 5 Stars (Excellent):
It was well planned with all the subjects, the templates are amazing, and your availability made it go over and beyond. I think the material and the framework of how to build an offer and ideal client will be what I always use from now on. I really like the structure.

Tara Pigott, Brand & Graphic Designer for Visionary Organisations in Urban Sustainability

“It’s a really comprehensive programme that will transform the way you approach marketing for your business and will likely be indispensable for your success and your overall business satisfaction.

Win + Takeaway
“Finding out what industry and clients I want to work with – aligning my passions with my work. + Confidence charging my value.”

Final words
Marketing by Nature is the only place where I, as a freelance graphic designer, can get ethical marketing support, so that I can define my purpose, increase my confidence and create a financially successful business that aligns with my values and impact goals.

What’s inside

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FAIR WARNING: If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, you’ve come to the wrong place. Our focus is on strategic ethical marketing for the sustainable growth of your business.

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