Designing an Abundant Eco Creative Economy 

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If you’re a nature-loving copywriter, graphic designer, photographer or filmmaker and your goal is to create epic campaigns and content with ethical brands who protect nature, we want to hear from you!

Through our research and previous conversations with nature-loving creative freelancers, we have identified six core problems with the most relevant one being ‘Not finding the right clients’.

We are now diving even deeper to find out why exactly these problems exist. Because every individual is unique, so are the root causes to these problems, therefore, we are looking for patterns in this pool of diversity.

Our job now is to collect data, connect the dots and identify these patterns to more effectively help you and other creatives become successful, whatever success means to you.

Because when you are successful in your nature advocacy, every species will benefit.

Please take 5 minutes to answer the questions in our survey below.

Once you have submitted your answers, we may send you a follow up email to invite you to a 60 min. in-depth conversation via Zoom. This conversation will be recorded for internal research purposes only.

This call will not only benefit us in our research, but you as well. As we gain more insights on you and your freelancing business, you will discover the root causes of your problems, identify common ‘mistakes’ you’re possibly making, and will probably see more clearly afterwards.

All this will bring you one step closer to solving your problems and achieving success.

The last question of the survey will ask you if you would like to be contacted for this 60 min. in-depth recorded conversation. Please answer accordingly and we will respect your decsion.

We deeply appreciate you and your contribution to nature and are really looking forward to your insight.

With all due respect of your data, please read our privacy policy, so that you know what we do with your data when you fill out this form. We only use the data you provide us by filling out the form above for internal research purposes only. We will never sell or share your data.

Thank you for filling out this survey and
bringing your creative talent to this world.

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