Once upon a time.

There was a brand who was born into this wild, wild world.

A quite destructive world.
One filled with cheap labor, animal cruelty, toxic ingredients and lots of greed.

The young brand wanted to change that so he started to help other brands who are full of love, not greed.

His vision was so strong and he began to do some really great things to help those brands.

But, something was wrong. His rockin’ theme – a passion of his mother – wasn’t resonating with others. And so that brand had to do some deep soul searching.

And talked with a few friends before deciding to get some help!

Now, things are looking a lot brighter for that brand!

When a brand cries for help.

Have you noticed yet? Ethical Brand Marketing has rebranded!

With a new logo, graphic elements, colors, fonts, social templates, the whole works!


Because my rockin’ theme wasn’t resonating with others and my brand baby was crying.

What am I talking about and how did I come to this conclusion?

Because I’m all about strategy and since I wasn’t reaching my goals, I knew I needed to optimize something in my marketing strategy. Because it’s usually always about the strategy and I knew it was my branding and messaging that needed optimizing.

I realized that the term ‘Rockin’ your Revenue’ was not working out.

I like it, but I’m a rare breed.
I also like abundance because I can make more of an impact.

And we’re both in business to make money so that we can make a huge impact. But still, that term was just not working out, so, I’ll keep it to myself for now!

I also knew I had to make it clear that my mission is to save as many animals as humanly possible by helping those on a similar mission with their marketing strategy so that together, we can achieve our goals quicker and make a greater impact!

So that the innocent and voiceless animals win!

A little background.

I founded Ethical Brand Marketing in March 2018.

I was luckily able to realize that my brand needed help after only 3 months.

Because my rockin’ theme wasn’t working, I knew I needed a new logo.

My colors were a bit drab and didn’t reflect my vision of a more kinder and vibrant world.

I wasn’t showing the world we want to create.

Since I love to design, I branded this company myself in 2018 except for the logo which was designed by the lovely Jen Barbato. I’m still in love with that logo and will use it again.

But because that was such a fun process, I thought I’d DIY this rebranding project too, so I bought a brilliant book (affiliate link) to do it better this time.

Then I stopped myself because I wanted something more and didn’t want to waste any more time with fonts or colors or moodboards. Not because I don’t like that work, but because I’m just not good enough at it.

I put my ego aside and asked myself: “What am I doing here?” Just because I enjoy designing does not make me a designer. I want the results to be amazing, not just OK.

And with the help of the enormously talented Brand Stylist, Charlotte Holroyd, owner of Creative Wilderness, my brand now looks fantastic!

And in alignment with my mission, my vision and my life’s purpose.

I could have never achieved this myself.

My cool new moodboard.

Logos for the new Ethical Brand Marketing visual identity Moodboard for the new Ethical Brand Marketing visual identityBrand colors for the new Ethical Brand Marketing visual identity

What I learned.

Not only did I take a step back to see what was going on with my business causing me to practice what I preach, I also saved myself many days of just messing around.

And frustration with myself because I’m not good enough.

I made the decision to invest money in my business which I’ve done many times before, but this time was different. This was about stop doing something I enjoy to let the experts handle it. And that’s not easy for me! Or other entrepreneurs.

Best decision ever!

The value of hiring an expert.

If you’re a business owner, I bet you’ve been confronted with a similar situation.

Do you ask yourself: “Should I DIY it or get the help I need?”

And? Do you get the help you need or continue dabbling in something you don’t have much expertise or experience in?

If you dabble, what kind of results do you get?

Dabbling usually only causes frustration because it hardly ever works out the way you want it to.

What about your marketing strategy?

Are you still dabbling?

Guess what? I refuse to let my husband cut my hair because I may look like the shrub he ‘trimmed’ last fall. I’ve been nurturing that shrub since 2001 and although he’s still alive, he’s now half-naked!

That said, I adore my husband but, I kind of need to be in charge of our garden. I’m more than  happy to step away so that he can find out why my mac’s acting funky though. That hardly ever happens, but anything computer-related is a job for my computer science-brained husband, not for me.

Anything marketing-related is a job for me.

And anything handcrafted is a job for my daughter.

Because we each have our own talents, passions and expertise.

Even though I love to design things, it would have been a serious mistake and waste of my precious time because I would have only done another OK branding job.

But, I don’t want OK results anymore. I want amazing results!

Just like you.

My biggest lesson learned as an entrepreneur:
Know when to step down.

Do you want a marketing expert to help you get amazing results?

Schedule a free 30 min. strategy call.

Do you have a similar story to tell about investing – or not investing – in your business? Comment below and let’s talk!


Photo credit: Kyaw Tun on Unsplash.


  1. Fuschia Hutton

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I am in a similar position and absolutely love learning about branding (I also have Fiona Humberstone’s book), and would love to do some myself but also realise that it’s probably best left to a professional. It’s on my list for 2020, and I cant wait – I think it’s so important for projecting a professional and appealing image to the types of clients I want to work with. Loving the new look – so fresh and energising!

    • jesslohm

      Yes, Fuschia, you hit it on the nail! It saddened me to not be able to do this as well myself, but was also great to be able to get the guidance and templates so that I can just roll with them now. I now feel I didn’t ‘give up’ anything, just needed to be shown the right path to take. You’re also very creative and have a keen eye for good design and will probably find the process similarly enjoyable when you go through it. Looking forward to seeing it in 2020, great goal setting btw! 🙂


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