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Planting seeds.

One tree at a time.

In Loving Memory and Support of the Fashion Revolution

On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing 1138 and injuring 2500. This was not a single occurrence of clothes factory workers dying. It was the 4th largest industrial disaster in history. On a daily basis, children and adults endure horrible working conditions to make our clothes. Is that really necessary?

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The Ethical Revolution is On: Lessons Learned from the Music Industry

Remember when Napster and Apple revolutionized the music industry? They changed the way people listened to music. And the way record labels ran their businesses. As well as paved the way for smaller bands to get heard. The same thing is happening in industries that cause harm to humans, animals and our environment. We call it the Ethical Revolution. Are you ready to join it and become an industry leader who truly makes an impact?

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Brand Positioning: How to Get Your Ethical Products into Stores

I read a valuable article by Pui-Guan Man of Drapers that has SO many takeaways that I couldn’t just share it and be done with it, I had to write about it! In this blog post, I highlight 7 nuggets that you can take from this article and apply to your own business to make them your own.

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Even Lazy People Want to Shop Consciously

It’s not easy to find ethically-made products. Conscious consumers can’t shop at one store and be done with it. We have to go here and there by car because everything is so spread out. Either that or we have to buy things on several different websites. It’s a pain! Take this opportunity to gain trust and turn lazy people into conscious consumers.

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Dear Mother Nature, I Apologize for Our Lack of Respect

Sudan, the last Northern White Rhino male was put to sleep on Monday. He was old and it was his time to leave us. I’ve been following him and his family for quite some time now. Ever since I found out about Suni, the 2nd to last male, who died in 2014. It’s about time we heal Mother Nature.

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Why Marketing Strategy Matters

The definition of insanity isn’t doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, it’s trying to market without a strategy.

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