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Planting seeds.

One tree at a time.

Rebrand me wild. The story of a brand who needed help.

Once upon a time, there was a brand who was born into this world. A quite destructive world. One filled with cheap labor, animal cruelty, toxic ingredients and greed. But the message wasn’t coming across and so that brand had to do some deep soul searching. Click to find out what happened next.

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Ethical Marketing: The Way You Market Matters

Digital marketers are going to all lengths to get heard and generate leads. We talk about funnels, freebies, opt-ins, customer journey, etc. We send a gazillion mails to try to persuade someone to buy our sh*t. We also get caught up in ‘beating the competition’ so instead of concentrating on our own customers, we’re concentrating on someone else’s. Puh, exhausting, isn’t it? How can we change this monster we’ve created?

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What does Ethical Marketing Mean to You?

How we produce products matters, but so does how we market and sell those products – and services. Let’s talk about Ethical Marketing and what that means to you and how you can start to make a difference.

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How to Turn Customers into Raving Fans

O.M.G. I got the best surprise ever last year in July, I still think about it today because I’m now officially a raving fan! Read on if you want some tips on how to turn customers into raving fans.

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Did you know that I also write for the animals?

Did you know that I also write for the animals?

 As the founder of Ethical Brand Marketing, I not only market for the animals, I write for them too.

On April 24: World Day for Laboratory Animals, I will publish Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest, the 1st of a must-read new middle-grade book series that shows how important it is to respect all animals.

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