Your business rocks,
but what about your marketing? 

You own an ethical brand and want to make positive changes in your industry.

Awesome, go YOU.

Thing is, you’ve got a website and social media accounts and are doing various marketing activities, but sales are low and you don’t know why.

You’re in the right place if you want to increase conversion rates on your website and turn social followers into customers.

Let me take a closer look.
When it comes to marketing, I can also see in the dark.

Something’s just not quite right 

If you’re doing all this marketing work, but aren’t reaching your financial goals, you’re probably getting frustrated and feeling like you’re wasting your time.

Then this is the perfect time to hire a pair of expert eyes to look over your work.

So that you attract new customers just waiting to buy from you.

Let me review your current marketing situation by closely inspecting your website, social media channels and/or copywriting so that you increase your conversion rates.

When I deliver a review, I provide you with valuable suggestions for you or your team to easily implement.

I’ll open doors for new opportunities and creative campaigns so that you can spend your precious time on more important things such as:

  • Growing your business.
  • Building powerful collaborations to help you move forward.
  • Developing new products and offers.
  • Becoming an industry leader.

Become an industry leader to be able to make a greater impact.

Why hire an expert?

Not only are four eyes better than two, no one’s an expert in everything and spending time on something you don’t excel at is a waste of time and money.

That’s why CEOs regularly hire consultants to come in and give them a different perspective.

Because they’re often stuck too deep in their own brand, they can’t always see the forest for the trees.

Who I am to tell you this?

Hi, I'm Jessica, founder and Ethical Marketing Strategist. Since earning my marketing degree in 1991, I've helped companies soar like an eagle and relax like a sloth by improving conversion rates through my copywriting and marketing skills.

I've been doing this for so long and instinctively know how to optimize your online presence. I know what inspires customers to click on that "Buy Now" button. And I know how to create an offer that pleases your ideal customers. I can also see things others can't.

Jessica Lohmann, Founder Ethical Brand Marketing

As an advocate for healthier consumption practices to help save our planet, I, however, steer away from sleazy marketing tactics such as urgency and scarcity that make your customers feel inadequate or like they're missing out.

Because let's be honest: No one likes to be manipulated.

Instead, I help you implement proven ethical marketing practices that not only inspire customers to support you but also help bring conscious consumerism to the mass market.

Our planet needs your eco-friendly products and conservation support. The time is ripe for change. Be that change.

What to expect

I have an outsourced team to help me with certain operational tasks, but I’m your Ethical Marketing Strategist.

If you hire me for a marketing review, you’ll receive a detailed analyzation of your 1) website, 2) social media channels and/or 3) copywriting along with valuable suggestions that you or your team can easily implement.

During our initial free 30 min. strategy call, we’ll discuss your current marketing situation to be able to determine what you need to optimize.

It could be with all three or just your website or copy.

Or, if it’s more deeply rooted, it could be that your marketing strategy needs optimization. In that case, I’ll advise a different approach as it makes no sense to optimize your copywriting if your target market needs to be clearly defined first or if your branding is not ‘on target’.

As a marketing strategist who’s worked in various industries since 1991, I can usually tell what the deal is right away.

 Optimize my website, social channels and copywriting?
What exactly does that mean?

Well, with your website … 

… I’ll make sure your website wows your ideal customers the instant they land on your homepage.

You have 3 seconds to make that first impression, so it has to be amazing!

You’ll be able to attract others who share your strong vision and help you reach your goals more quickly.

You’ll also find out how, when and where to communicate your ethics without overwhelming your readers.

And to be transparent about the impact you’re currently making and plan to increase in the future.

To prove that you’re not greenwashing.

I’ll make sure you’re speaking to the right people straight away.
With the right structure, imagery and elements.

So that you’re able to keep their attention.

They’ll stay on your site, read all about your brand and browse your offer because you’re showing them you’re a trusting brand they want to support.

After they’ve read enough, they’ll tap on that ‘Add to basket’ or ‘Hire us’ button.

And once they fall in love with your amazing products or services, they’ll tell their friends and continue to support you in the future.

After turning your website into a conversion machine, you’ll be able to more quickly and easily turn website visitors into raving fans.

Maybe your social channels need help…

… in which case, I’ll make sure they get the attention they deserve.

With ‘they’, I mean Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Pinterest, my social channels of expertise.

That when a visitor comes to your Instagram account, they get this warm feeling in their gut and think, “Yes, this is a business I want to follow!”

But not only that, I’ll concentrate on helping you get real followers, not those who only follow you to get their follow and turn right around to unfollow you again.

Oh no, you want real followers who write insightful comments that mean they’ve actually read your captions.

Or your blog posts you linked to from your latest tweet.

Or clicked on your product page from the Facebook post you published the other day.

Those followers who are actually consuming your content and are genuinely interested in your ethical business.

All this will eventually lead to sales because if you know how to attract your ideal customers on social media, you will get that kind of engagement. And once you get those followers, you’ll be able to convert them into customers.

And then you can start converting them into raving fans who share your content.

You also won’t waste your time anymore on those sleazy comments from bots: “Great post! Send us a DM so that we can talk about a cooperation because you need an elephant bracelet on your wrist!”

You want engagement with real humans, not machines.

With my keen eye for design, I’ll determine whether your images are stunning and your message is relevant, entertaining and informative.

I’ll also see to it that you have the right mix of promotional and non-promotional content because no one wants to be sold to all the time. Not even half the time.

So, I’ll make sure your audience feels comfortable and not uptight like they’ve just met a car salesman from the 80s.

That said, you have to ask for that sale though because you’re in business to make money, not only to inform and inspire. Fact is: when you have the right mix, your audience will welcome your offer and be more willing to take it.

 That’s how to engage with your ideal customer.

And with your copywriting …

Your copy is going to be so vibrant and so in tune with your brand, vision and mission, you can’t help but intrigue your visitors.

So that they remember you.

And if you’re talking about how green you are, you want them to believe you because you’re telling them the truth.

Your copy won’t bore or overwhelm them because you have the right amount of information that is also well-formatted.

After my review, you’ll be able to optimize your writing so that it:

  • Speaks directly to your audience.
  • Is not overwhelming, boring or too salesy.
  • Is clear and clever.
  • Is memorable.

You’ll learn how to effectively speak to your ideal customer.

The process

During our 30 min. free strategy call, I’ll get all the relevant information I need to be able to figure out what you need.

Via eMail, I’ll send you a customized offer and our terms & conditions which includes the timeline, price and any other legalities. No worries, you won’t need a lawyer as I write in plain English.

Once hired and the agreed payment has been received, I’ll start working my magic.

I’ll then deliver my suggestions in an easy-to-use checklist.

After delivery, we’ll schedule a 30 min. call to go over everything and answer any questions you may have.

After that, it’s up to you. All you have to do is either forward my suggestions to your webmaster or marketer to make the necessary changes or do it yourself.

Either way, you don’t have to hand over your precious login information.
You keep your data to yourself.

Get ready to enhance your marketing.

Word on the path

Project Scope: Marketing review (website, social media and copywriting)

Jessica has reviewed our website, facebook page and the hand-out leaflets for Honest Coffins. She did this with efficiency, good humour and patience. Her comments were incisive and valuable. I will be putting them into action forthwith.

But the absolutely best thing (apart from liking Jimi Hendrix and the Doors) was that she is not pushy like all the other marketing people I've ever talked to over the last 20 plus years. Instead, she is pleasant, efficient and a delight to work with. A first-class consultant.

John Connell

Owner, Honest Coffins Limited

Project Scope: Marketing strategy consultation and review (website and copywriting)

I started working with Jessica after meeting her in another program. I loved her & her niche around "ethical" marketing because for years I'd struggled with marketing in a way that felt both ethical and authentic. After working with her I was able to greatly simplify the content on my website and in all my marketing materials in a way that more simply & effectively speaks to my ideal client. She was also very knowledgeable and the feedback and guidance she provided have been absolutely invaluable to me feeling more confident in my brand & my marketing! Jessica's focus on marketing ethically is truly unique & something I believe the whole world could benefit from!

Jess Bonasso

Burnout Rescue Coach | Author | Speaker, Radiant Self Care

Project Scope: Copywriting, Marketing strategy creation, implementation and review (website relaunch)

Jessica is great to work with. She is one of those rare gems who makes a substantial difference. She communicates well, gets the job done, has good ideas, thinks outside the box. She is an asset to any company or client she works with. We will definitely continue with Jessica in the future.

Jessica was hired to create and implement a marketing strategy, resulting in:

  • 162,5% increase in direct bookings and 46,7% increase in conversion rate within 7 mths. after marketing strategy implementation
  • Named 'Ethical Tour Operator' by Campaign Against Canned Hunting
Andre Retief

Owner, Safari With Us

Project Scope: Marketing review (marketing strategy)

Jessica, I have really enjoyed your Facebook group and respect your advice and information provided about eco marketing. I used your infirmary as a guide for a to-do list for the coming months.

I most enjoyed your honest input and feedback and the fact that you're eco minded, which many other business advisers don't quite understand.

Also, it was good to get an objective, outside perspective to confirm suspicions or highlight things I haven't thought of.

Pip Pottage

Owner, Pip Pottage Designs

Project Scope: Copywriting (online ads) and marketing review

Another fine job where Jessica went above and beyond the description of the contract. Jessica is really wonderful at what she does. She is very attentive to specific challenges, always a pleasure to work with, easy to communicate and walks you through the process from start to finish. She even simplifies complicated subjects for me.

Sally Primrose

Author, 10 Minute Vegan Recipes, Buddha's Belly, The Better Smoothie

Let’s get your marketing working out for you