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Ever wonder what a Corporate Responsibility Manager does and how complicated that job may be?

Get ready dive real deep into Lavinia Muth’s world, the CR Manager of Armedangels, a sustainable fashion brand headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

A Wasteful Industry is in Need of Change

In this hour-long interview, Lavinia shares how she evaluates the textile industry and the production processes to lead her company in the most ethical way possible.

Is organic cotton even sustainable or should we instead think about alternative methods such as the sharing/circular economy?

How does she deal with new information such as microplastic landing in our oceans after washing polyester when just a few years ago, recycled polyester was revolutionary?

What’s Lavinia’s take on getting the masses to go onboard with shopping consciously?

Digging Deep and Giving Advice

Dig deep with Jessica Lohmann, founder of Ethical Brand Marketing, to discover how the pioneering and highly reputable sustainable fashion brand, Armedangels, lives and breathes sustainability to help make this world a better place!

Many questions answered, but not only that, Lavinia gives tips for small, sustainable fashion brand owners who are trying to also make an impact in this world with their craft and passion.

Nugget of Wisdom: It’s actually easier to start out with an ethics code than implement one after you’ve become established.

Want to learn how to rock your marketing in an ethical way?

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Are you in the sustainable fashion and textile business? What was your biggest takeaway from this interview? Please comment below and let’s talk !

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