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I have a limited number of appointments open over the next few weeks and ask that you schedule one only if you are serious about moving to the next level, meaning, you are committed to putting in the time so that you can achieve your goal of gaining a steady stream of eco-friendly clients and revenue.

Whether it’s working with me or someone else, it doesn’t matter. Your time is your most precious resource (YES, more precious than money) and your business is worth your time, so I really want you to be invested in your business.

Since a private 60 min. strategy session is highly valuable for you, it’s important for me to gift my time, energy, and 33+ years of experience to those changemakers who are ready to take action and wanting to make a great impact in this world.

To apply for your complimentary session, choose a time below that works for you and book it directly into my calendar.

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Break free from the feast or famine cycle 

For a limited time, I’ll be offering the opportunity to schedule a complimentary Impact Assessment Session to explore how you can beat the feast or famine cycle for good.

If you’re tired of being stuck in this cycle and are eager to discover strategies to increase your earnings while making a more significant contribution to your industry, let’s explore what might be holding you back.

Together, we can uncover innovative approaches to enhance both the impact and revenue of your freelancing business.


Benefits of a free 60 min. impact assessment session

  • Personalized strategic guidance: Receive tailored coaching and consulting to identify the most effective steps for your unique freelancing business, ensuring a strategic plan aligned with your goals.
  • Uncovering hidden obstacles: Gain insights into potential mistakes or obstacles that might have hindered your progress so far. Together, we’ll address and overcome these challenges, setting you on a path for success.
  • Beating the feast or famine cycle: Explore strategies to break free from the feast or famine cycle, creating a consistent and sustainable flow of income for your freelancing endeavors.
  • Industry-specific insights: Benefit from Jessica’s 33+ year marketing journey with industry-specific insights and recommendations that align with the values of eco creatives, ensuring your business not only thrives financially, it also makes a positive impact.
  • Enhancing impact and revenue: Discover innovative approaches to simultaneously enhance the impact and revenue of your freelancing business, creating a more fulfilling and prosperous professional journey.

Empowering your freelancing journey with actionable steps for success and impact.

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