How often do you find yourself saying, “I don’t have time” when presented with an offer to progress in your business?

If you’ve started counting your fingers, we need to have a heart to heart.

Because let’s be real: Time is just an excuse.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, from dawn till dusk, until your last breath.

Truth is, it’s never about lacking time; it’s about how you prioritize it.

Unveiling the art of prioritization

What you really mean to say is, “I’m prioritizing something else.”

“I struggle to prioritize.” could also come up if your business isn’t working out the way you had planned.

And hey, I get it. I had that same struggle and had to find the best method for me.

Life throws a flurry of opportunities our way, from coaching sessions and webinars, to lead magnets and social gatherings, each promising a different flavor of results.

Here’s the kicker though: To thrive as a business owner, you’ve got to master the art of prioritization!

Unlocking the power of strategic time management

That means shifting focus from merely busy to brilliantly profitable tasks.

No more chasing shiny distractions, DIYing everything and wearing too many hats, or drowning in the sea of freebies.

It’s about taking a bold step outside your comfort zone and making every tick of the clock count.

Why? Because time is the most precious currency you’ve got!

And if you’re not spending it wisely, you’re shortchanging your dreams.

My own time story

When I started my business in March 2013, I often fell into the trap of telling myself ‘I don’t have time’.

I was super busy all day long doing this and that and at the end of the day wondered what the hell I did?

If I didn’t have any client work that day, I would come to my desk, check my mails, then check Facebook (my main platform at the time), then go to Upwork to look for work and apply to various jobs, and by the time all that was over, it was time to make lunch for my daughter and myself.

After that, I spent time with her, then putzed around a little more on my computer, walked our dog for 1.5 hours, came back and voila, my day was basically over.


I spent more time on Facebook than anything else it seemed. I did make valuable connections and collaborations and learned a great deal, however, it was less than profitable. I was just busy wasting my time.

Now, I am extremely intentional when I go on LinkedIn (my preferred platform now) and say to myself: ‘I will spend 30 minutes engaging’ or ‘I will research this or that and get off’, and that’s exactly what I do. I used to set a timer, but don’t need to anymore because I’m disciplined enough to keep that under control.

I make sure I get the most important and/or creative tasks done in the morning because that’s when I’m most productive.

Everyone is different. Maybe it’s after 2pm for you?

Find what works out for you best.

Time is not money

It’s crucial to recognize that time is not merely a commodity to be exchanged for money.

Unlike money, which can be earned and spent endlessly, time is finite.

Each tick of the clock brings you closer to the end of your journey, highlighting the preciousness of every moment.

You can always get money back, never time.

This stark contrast underscores the importance of prioritizing your time wisely, investing it in endeavors that align with your values and aspirations.

As an eco creative, understanding this distinction allows you to make intentional choices, ensuring that your actions are in harmony with your vision for a sustainable and fulfilling life.

Before doing any task, ask yourself, “Will this help my business grow?

And set the intention to ONLY concentrate on necessary and profitable tasks as opposed to busy ones.

Prioritize your time and get the help you need instead of trying to diy everything!

Reclaim your time

No more saying or thinking: “I have no time!”

No more aimless pursuits or distractions such as endless scrolling on LinkedIn or Instagram, or perhaps even checking your mails first thing in the morning.

Instead, focus on what truly matters: Building a purposeful and profitable business.

Join me on a transformative journey so that you can bid farewell to fruitless tasks and embrace a strategic path to marketing mastery.

As soon as you craft a future defined by intention and impact, you can really unlock the potential of every minute.

NOW is the moment to reclaim your time and seize your success!

Time is not money!

Prioritize your time and business

If you’re serious about being successful in your business and want to master your time and marketing, join us in Marketing by Nature.

In this program for eco-conscious creatives, we make sure you understand and implement strategic prioritization, ensuring that your efforts align with your goals and values.

You’ll discover how to reclaim your time and channel it towards building a purposeful and profitable business.

Sign up for a free 60 min. 1:1 Eco Creative Impact Session.

In 60 minutes, you’ll:

  • Receive personalized guidance: Get tailored coaching and consulting for your freelancing business, aligning your strategy with your goals.
  • Uncover obstacles: Identify and address potential mistakes or obstacles hindering your progress.
  • Break the feast or famine cycle: Explore strategies for consistent and sustainable income.
  • Gain industry-specific insights: Tap into my 33+ years of marketing experience for tailored recommendations.
  • Learn innovate approaches: Discover how to boost both your impact and revenue.

During this impactful session, you’ll also find out if you’re a good fit for Marketing by Nature.

We’re currently planning the 2nd iteration and are only accepting talented creatives who prioritize their business and the impact they want to make in this world.

Ready to spend time on securing a steady stream of revenue and clients?

Join Marketing by Nature

When have you prioritzed your time over money? Tell us in the comments.

And if you haven't already, read the other beliefs that can keep you from moving forward in your business.

Create on and prosper,



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