Five Years Ago Today

1,138 people were killed

On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing 1138 and injuring 2500. This was not a single occurrence of clothes factory workers dying. It was the 4th largest industrial disaster in history. On a daily basis, children and adults endure horrible working conditions to make our clothes.

Taking a Moment to Remember and Pay Respect

Morning walk with Nala in the Ruheforst

This morning, I took Nala, my chocolate Lab, on our daily morning walk, but I spent a little more time in one of my favorite parts of the woods. It’s called Ruheforst (both photos) which means: Quiet Forest.

It’s a place where you can sit in silence to listen to the birds. Where you can relax and watch the trees sway in the wind. And also where you can remember loved ones who have passed.

It’s where I want to be laid to rest someday. When my time comes, my ashes will go in a biodegradable cardboard box that will be buried underneath a tree.

So there I sat with Nala, in silence, and I thought about my mom and dad who passed away recently. My grandparents over the past few years, one after the other (I had 6). My pets. I thought about all the animals who die on a daily basis to provide us with food, clothing, safety, medicine, and entertainment.

I remembered all those people who were killed and injured five years ago today in Bangladesh. And I thought about all the workers who still suffer while working under horrible conditions.

It wasn’t a rough morning though. No, it was one of healing and it was exactly what I needed. This forest honestly breathes goodness into my soul and I feel so grateful to live a few blocks away. Do you also have a similar place?

What Else Can I Do About This, You Ask?

Not only was I thinking about all these people and animals who are no longer alive, I also thought about you and what you’re doing to help bring changes to your industry. You are a part of the ethical revolution and I can’t thank you enough.

I truly want you to thrive and I know you do too, but today, instead of writing about how to rock your marketing and offering you access to my upcoming masterclass, giving you a freebie or offering valuable marketing advice in my FB group, the most important thing today may just be to reflect on what changes you really want to make in this world and what steps you can take to get there.

Think about the goal you set that aligns with your life’s purpose. Think about what gives you strength and shows you much love and whatever it is that fires you up and brings inspiration to your brain. Please, just take a few moments to reflect.

I know how challenging it is to build up a brand and market it, so if you want to talk about it, I’m here for you, just schedule a free strategy call and let’s talk. There’s no obligation. Like I wrote, it’s free and I won’t spam you with a bunch of annoying follow-up mails either.

Also please visit the Fashion Revolution website and help spread awareness. Remember, it takes a village and we’re all in this together.

“Sometimes, it takes a tragedy for humans to wake up and demand change. The Ethical Revolution is on! Now’s the time to lead the change. It’s time to help consumers become conscious about their buying habits. It’s time to rock your ethical brand!”

Seriously, you wanna talk?

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Are you involved in the Fashion Revolution in any way?
Please comment below with a URL to your event, blog post, etc. so that I can help you spread the word!

Rock On,



  1. Jesse Junko Beardslee

    This is a beautiful tribute! I have been a fashion activist ever since that day. It was the catalyst that fueled me founding Themis and Thread, Justifiable Fashions made in The United States of America. There are many posts about Fashion Revolution on my blog at and across my social media accounts. This year our Fashion Revolution Week focus is Secondhand Style.

    • jesslohm

      Oh wow, that’s really inspiring to hear, Jesse! Secondhand style is wonderful. I wish I had the talent to sew, mend or basically make something meh into something outstanding! Hey, I checked out your site and noticed you’re organizing an event on Friday in upstate New York, correct? Is it OK if I add the link here? – That’s wonderful that you not only will mend other people’s clothes, but also teach them how to mend. I wish someone would invent the ‘beam me up, Scotty’ technology so that you could teach me! Thanks for sharing your stories!


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