Let’s create an ethical marketing  strategy

Every business owner knows that marketing is important which is why every company, big or small, young or old, does some kind of marketing activity.

Even though everyone markets, not every company is successful.


Usually, it’s because they don’t have an impactful ethical marketing strategy backing their campaigns and daily marketing activities.

Your ethical marketing strategy is the main ingredient for success.

As a rare breed, your vision is strong

Thank you for creating a social enterprise to help save animals and our environment.

Your vision of a kind and abundant world for all living beings is so strong, you know you have to make a huge impact to be able to create that world.

If you want to make more of an impact than you currently are, you’ve come to the right place.

I can help you thrive and create your dream world.

It’s time to get strategic

In 2018, I asked ethical brand owners why they didn’t have a marketing strategy and the number two answers were:

  1. It takes too much time to create one.
  2. I have no idea how to create one.

The #1 reason makes me chuckle because how can you know how much time it takes if you’ve never spent the time to do it?

This is an assumption and we all know what happens when you ass – u – me, right?

There’s no standard number of hours required to create a marketing strategy.

Truth is: The amount of time you spend on your strategy is as individual as your brand. Only you can determine how much time you want to spend on it and that doesn’t necessarily mean the more time you spend on it, the better.

The amount of quality time you spend on it is key.

Since many are too overwhelmed with the idea of creating a marketing strategy, they decide to skip the strategic part altogether and just DO marketing because most everyone can write a blog post, hop on a FB live and send a newsletter.

Right? I’m pretty sure this is not where you need help.

Operative tasks such as these will not help you move forward if you don’t have a valuable strategy backing up your activities.

Nor will social media ads or a SEO strategy if you’re not clear on your ideal customer.

This is why many companies struggle, waste precious time and money.
Because they do these things without working on a marketing strategy first.

Truth is: This spontaneous doing and dabbling is as ineffective as a female lion going on a hunt alone. Believe me, I’ve seen her try in South Africa and it’s very painful to watch. She just causes her target market to scatter and snicker.

But, you’re not a lonely lion, you actually want to get the job done right!

You want your message to stick, like a chameleon’s tongue on a moth.

Let me help you create an impactful ethical marketing strategy to get your message stuck so that you grow your business and become an industry leader.

So that you make a greater impact in this world!

If you want any of this:

  • Get more social engagement and turn followers into customers.
  • Enjoy requests from retailers to stock your products.
  • Receive amazing collaboration opportunities.
  • Hire a team of fellow changemakers who share your vision.
  • Ease your workload or that of your marketing team.
  • Save money by not hiring an in-house marketing strategist.
  • Become a leader and make positive changes in your industry.
  • Enjoy quality time with your family. In the evenings, on the weekends and on vacation.
  • Make a greater impact by saving more animals and our environment.

… then you’re in the right place!

Welcome home

What an impactful ethical marketing strategy does for you


Directly speak to your customers

When you have an ethical marketing strategy, you’ll be able to look deep into the heart and soul of your customers. You’ll know them so well, you’ll easily be able to speak their language. You’ll also be able to create incredible offers to keep them happy. And answer their questions before they ask.

All this will help turn you into a leader of your industry.

Increase engagement and conversion rates

With regularly added quality content, Google & co. will take notice by increasing your domain authority and improving your search engine rankings. This will move you higher up on the results page which will help you get more people spending time on your website and social channels.

You’ll also inspire them to read more and click on the ‘Add to Basket’ button.

Improve brand reputation

Conscious consumers generally have trust issues with harmful industry practices, so if you create content that is transparent, informative and helpful, they will learn to trust you. You’ll become an authority in your field and more easily motivate them to support you.

This will also help you reach the mass market to change the way people shop.

Prove cost effective

Time is money and marketing takes time. But marketing ethically is money well invested since it offers compounding ROI. You may not see results right away like some of my clients featured below, but you will enjoy a healthy increase over time.

You won’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising either. Instead, you’ll be building up your community organically.

Strengthen internal communication

There’s nothing more satisfying than going to work every morning and seeing a group of motivated employees working well together and reaching a common goal.

An impactful strategy strengthens this community spirit because it brings clarity to your vision and business’ existence.

Ease your workload

With an ethical marketing strategy, the guessing game is over! You or your team will know what to post, when and where. You’ll know exactly what actions to take. And, you’ll know it’s going to work.

You’ll have extra time for creativity and inspiration to produce more powerful and successful campaigns and take on new growth opportunities.

Your impactful ethical marketing strategy

I developed a 6-step ethical marketing strategy that uses the 4 Cs in marketing: communication, connection, collaboration and creativity.

If you hire me to help you create one, we’ll clearly define and masterfully develop the following six steps.

You’ll walk away with a valuable plan for profit that you can implement right away.

So that you have a rock-solid foundation for years to come that will help you grow your sustainable business.





Six steps to an impactful ethical marketing strategy:

  • Step 1: Sow Your Seeds
  • Step 2: Cultivate Your Narrative
  • Step 3: Prune Your Plan
  • Step 4: Nurture Symbiotic Sales
  • Step 5: Gather Your Harvest
  • Step 6: Prepare Next Season

The six steps  defined

01: Sow Your Seeds

In this initial phase, we’ll lay the groundwork for your ethical marketing strategy and craft an irresistible offer tailored to your ideal clients.

Through problem assessment, we’ll craft an irresistible offer that resonates deeply with your audience, setting the stage for impactful marketing strategies.

During this process, you’ll gain clarity on the key areas that demand your focus to establish your business for sustained success.

Content, e.g.:

  1. Define your business identity (vision, purpose, mission, UVP, core values, etc.)
  2. Define your goals, objectives and actionable steps
  3. Identify and define your ideal clients
  4. Understand your ideal clients’ problems
  5. Build an irresistible offer and pricing structure

During this phase, we’ll take a step back and dig deep into your business so that you can better position yourself in your industry.

02: Cultivate Your Narrative

Craft a unified narrative across platforms to enhance your visibility and credibility, deepen audience connections, and empower yourself to drive change effectively.

In this module, you’ll craft your messaging and content ecosystem to establish yourself as a visionary leader.

You’ll gain the skills to efficiently distribute your message and organize your copy within a content library for easy navigation.

While writing compelling copy is crucial, you’ll also delve into the fundamentals of SEO to effectively communicate with humans and optimize for search engines.

By mastering these techniques, you’ll streamline and enhance your communication, consistently attracting your ideal clients.

Content, e.g.:

  1. Craft a messaging ecosystem
  2. Learn about ethical marketing tactics
  3. Build a content library
  4. Understand how SEO plays a role in your business

03: Prune Your Plan

Transition from strategy formulation to implementation, eliminating the guesswork of content and timing.

With a detailed promotional and implementation plan, you’ll gain confidence, refine your craft, and grow your freelancing business.

This module simplifies the process of implementing your strategy in a way that aligns with your values and schedule.

Bid farewell to uncertainties about what, where, and when to post.

You’ll discover how to gain clarity and confidence in mapping out a realistic marketing plan, allowing you to focus on your craft and propel your freelancing business forward.

Content, e.g.:

  1. Design a promotional and an implementation plan that aligns with your values and schedule
  2. Learn about various promotional types and choose the right promotions for you
  3. Promote without spending a fortune on advertising
  4. Define which promotions will help you generate more leads

04: Nurture Symbiotic Sales

Escape financial uncertainty by mastering a robust sales process.

Gain the skills to confidently address objections, shortening your sales cycle and freeing yourself from pitch-induced anxiety.

This step empowers you to handle objections with confidence and intention, eliminating fear that prolongs the sales cycle.

Take back control of your business and assert yourself as a valuable service provider deserving of fair compensation for your talent.

Content, e.g.:

  1. Learn to sell ethically and effectively
  2. Handle objections like a pro
  3. Simplify your sales process
  4. Learn client care strategies to build long-term profitable relationships

05: Gather Your Harvest

Now that you’ve laid out your ethical self-promotion strategy and are prepared to collaborate with your ideal clients, it’s time to step out and make yourself visible!

Begin crafting and sharing your content, while also reaching out to potential clients for discovery calls.

You’ll discover how to promote yourself proudly, without any sense of discomfort or self-serving motives.

Content, e.g.:

  1. Define the best way to reach your fans
  2. Define how you want to deliver your message or offer
  3. Learn how to map out your customer journey
  4. Identify the best tools to use to reach your customers

06: Prepare Next Season

Efficiently understand and engage your audience, enabling strategic decision-making and optimizing marketing strategies to enhance customer relationships and expand reach.

As a wise person once said, “You’re not marketing if you’re not measuring.” While data may be scarce at this stage, you’ll establish its foundation, learning to discern between essential data and information overload.

Furthermore, you’ll develop clarity and confidence in analyzing incoming data, enabling you to assess the effectiveness of marketing activities and optimize them to meet revenue and impact objectives.

And here’s the kicker: Real insights don’t require data theft. Discover how to honor your audience while gaining invaluable insights.

Content, e.g.:

  1. Learn what to measure
  2. Analyze your data to make better decisions
  3. Optimize your marketing strategy for long-term efficiency and success

Who I am to tell you this?

Hi, I'm Jessica, founder and Ethical Marketing Strategist. Since earning my marketing degree in 1991, I've helped companies soar like an eagle and relax like a sloth by improving conversion rates through my copywriting and marketing skills.

I've been doing this for so long and instinctively know how to optimize your online presence. I know what inspires customers to click on that "Buy Now" button. And I know how to create an offer that pleases your ideal customers. I can also see things others can't.

Jessica Lohmann, Founder Ethical Brand Marketing

As an advocate for healthier consumption practices to help save our planet, I, however, steer away from sleazy marketing tactics such as urgency and scarcity that make your customers feel inadequate or like they're missing out.

Because let's be honest: No one likes to be manipulated.

Instead, I help you implement proven ethical marketing practices that not only inspire customers to support you but also help bring conscious consumerism to the mass market.

Our planet needs your eco-friendly products and conservation support. The time is ripe for change. Be that change.

 How can I help you?
Choose your own adventure

Get guidance on the fly.

The cost-effective solution: Get guidance

Sometimes, you just need advice on the spur of the moment. Say for a new product launch or rebranding process. Or you lack marketing experience, but still want to learn how to create an ethical marketing strategy instead of outsourcing it.

During our first free 30 min. strategy call, we’ll determine where you need help most and I’ll craft an offer that fits your needs and budget.

Get the help you need when and where you need it.

Get a helping hand.

The easy solution:

Outsource it

If you want to make a greater impact but don’t want to DIY it or hire an in-house marketing director, hire me to create an impactful ethical marketing strategy for you.

So that your marketing team can concentrate on what they do best: Creating awesome content and powerful campaigns as well as authentically engaging with your customers to bring in more qualified leads.

So that you can concentrate on what you do best: Growing your business.

Word on the path

Project Scope: Marketing strategy consultation

I have learned a lot during the course of these consultations on how to position the brand, what works and what doesn't. This is very much a work in progress but the consultation has definitely helped in forming a coherent marketing strategy.

Jessica is very easy to talk to and helps with all aspects of the marketing knowledge. Working with Jessica is like working with a friend who understands you but also guides you. Our calls were more of a discussion rather than a one way exercise. The whole experience was very fulfilling. She is also not a clock watcher.

If you are looking for someone who takes time to understand your business and is willing to help you with every marketing need, Jessica is your marketing guru.

It was simply brilliant. I will definitely miss our regular catch ups!

Arshad Khalid

Owner, Ethiqana

Project Scope: Marketing strategy consultation

Jessica is exceptional at what she does. I reached out to her to get help with my business and marketing strategy and her understanding of different types of niches and industries is truly astounding.

Jessica draws from her years of marketing expertise and knowledge to tailor a service that is so precise, relevant and personable to your business so you would never feel like you're just another number in her books.

Her level of detail and attention to your business needs are also highly commendable and I have just booked into her Masterclass which is going to be really beneficial for me. Highly recommend her services!

Gaayathri Periasami

Owner, Baby Peppers

Project Scope: Marketing strategy consultation

Jessica really gets ethical marketing, she really gets brand, and she really gets strategy. She asks brilliant questions that bring out the thoughts that are difficult to put into words, creating a sound foundation for all customer attraction activities — so you can be sure to get results.

But not only that — Jessica is also a delightful partner to work with. She's warm, takes customer care super seriously and has got a great sense of humour. Besides, talking about music with her is lots of fun! We're also both expats and I enjoy our little chats about our cultural experiences.

Sabine Harnau

Owner, From Scratch Communications

Project Scope: Marketing strategy consultation and review (website and copywriting)

I started working with Jessica after meeting her in another program. I loved her & her niche around "ethical" marketing because for years I'd struggled with marketing in a way that felt both ethical and authentic. After working with her I was able to greatly simplify the content on my website and in all my marketing materials in a way that more simply & effectively speaks to my ideal client. She was also very knowledgeable and the feedback and guidance she provided have been absolutely invaluable to me feeling more confident in my brand & my marketing! Jessica's focus on marketing ethically is truly unique & something I believe the whole world could benefit from!

Jess Bonasso

Burnout Rescue Coach | Author | Speaker, Radiant Self Care

Project Scope: Copywriting, Marketing strategy creation, implementation and review (website relaunch)

Jessica is great to work with. She is one of those rare gems who makes a substantial difference. She communicates well, gets the job done, has good ideas, thinks outside the box. She is an asset to any company or client she works with. We will definitely continue with Jessica in the future.

Jessica was hired to create and implement a marketing strategy, resulting in:

  • 162,5% increase in direct bookings and 46,7% increase in conversion rate within 7 mths. after marketing strategy implementation
  • Named 'Ethical Tour Operator' by Campaign Against Canned Hunting
Andre Retief

Owner, Safari With Us

Project Scope: Marketing strategy creation and implementation

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jessica. Her qualified marketing expertise and strategic thinking skills were very valuable while setting up a new international marketing strategy for our cloud product line. Jessica is a responsible and valued manager and the team simply loved the way she turned ideas into reality.

Ingo Dignas

Managing Partner, protel hotelsoftware GmbH

Project Scope: Marketing strategy creation and implementation

I have had the privilege of working with Jessica on The Possible Missions Project since 2014. She brought a clear insight and an ability to find innovative ways to market within our budget constraints, as well as work with shifting project timelines without batting an eye. Her level of professionalism went above and beyond what the project expected, and we were all the better for it. I cannot recommend her more strongly for your own marketing projects.

D. G. Speirs

Novelist. Author. Storyteller.

Project Scope: Translations, Copywriting, Marketing creation and implementation

I just really depend on Jessica's opinion and the longer I work with her and try out other things, I realize how great she is. I so appreciate her thoughts, her opinion. So when she tells me something's great, then I just trust her. Without her, I wouldn't be where I am today. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your dedication!

Awital Zingg-Bollag

Owner, MyGentleBorn

Let’s see to it that you thrive