Our vision

It’s Earth Day 2033, 10 years from today, and 1000s of nature-loving Copywriters/Writers, Photographers, Graphic/Web Designers, Filmmakers, etc. are using their talent to spread awareness, joy and compassion to help protect nature.

We call them Visionary Leaders for Nature.

Through their epic art and strong collaborative partnerships with eco-friendly brands and organizations, they design the most effective, inspiring, ethical and clever campaigns that are shared by millions.

Supporting the paradigm shift in consumer behavior by combining ethical marketing practices and positive nature advocacy with pure ingenuity, these Visionary Leaders successfully inspire entire generations to connect more with nature and shop consciously.

Their talented gift contributes to the drastic reduction of overconsumerism, the rate of returns and production costs, opening the market for lower income consumers who crave quality at an affordable price.

Shopping consciously from eco brands is now the standard.

Regenerative forest, ocean, and agriculture initiatives worldwide have been funded. Endangered species are being saved from extinction, and forests and coral reefs are flourishing once again.

Veganism has risen from 1.1% in 2022 to 20%.

Industrial farming is banned, decreasing the number of animals on farms by 75%. Farm animals now live with their young and graze, play, sleep and live comfortably until their time has come.

Every living species has access to nutritious vegetables and fruit, and clean water.

Life on this place we call home is blissful. 

People and our planet are thriving with abundance. 

This dream is mutual: This is what we all want!

Descending back down to Earth

It’s April 22, 2023, and we realize, we have a lot of work to do! How can we at Ethical Brand Marketing make our vision a reality?

Do we honestly believe in fairy dust? Absolutely!

And we also believe in the power of people and our ability to create the change we want to see in this world. So, how are we going to create this reality? Not alone, that’s for sure, which is why we are currently cooking up something amazing for creatives so that they can find the right clients and together, exponentially inspire consumers to shop consciously and connect more with nature. Our program will help nature-loving freelancing creatives market and position themselves in an ethical way that aligns with their values. That, and much, much more which we will reveal at a later date. For now, all we’ll say is that we’ll be doing this in an iterative and collaborative way by using design thinking processes to get all of our creative juices flowing and help make marketing fun and extremely effective. We can’t wait to launch it, but for now, are really enjoying putting together all the ingredients.

A word about marketing:

As ethical marketers, we understand how traditional manipulation tactics can block you to the point of not marketing at all. We get it, oh boy do we get it, however, we also know that this will not help you as a creative, nor your clients, and it certainly won’t help protect nature. Marketing is necessary, but, it’s not an evil necessity. Ethical marketing is at the core of our business, so we know how to do another way. And we are here to share that knowledge and experience. If you’re a creative (copy)writer, photographer, graphic designer or filmmaker (or know someone who is) and align with our vision of a better world, subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about this program. We will be conducting more in-depths interviews over the next two weeks to learn about your own struggles within your business so that we can create a program that is designed specifically for your needs. If subscribing to our newsletter is not your jam, just contact us directly.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Why Freelancing Creatives?

We help various clients, both service and product-based, spread their message to their customers. Through my experience as a marketer since 1991, I’ve noticed that you can try to plant that seed by telling people what’s what, but until they actually see or experience something themselves, nothing will change. That’s why you have to show them, so it should actually be called ‘Storyshowing’ and not ‘Storytelling’. I decided to create this program specifically for creatives because I know they are the actual and visual storyshowers. The influence creatives have on people’s buying decision is enormous. Even my desk research showed me that the creative economy is one of the if not THE fastest growing economies in the world, with an estimated 1.1 billion freelancers worldwide. (Website Planet, 2021). Of those 1.1 billion freelancers, Upwork claimed in 2020, that freelancers got hired for the following services:

  • 58% – writing
  • 58% – creative/design
  • 51% – web, mobile, and software development
  • 46% – marketing
  • 35% – IT/networking and database admin
  • 33% – engineering

That’s a lot of creativity! And, to further confirm my decision, according to the 2019 Global Vegan Survey by Vomad, the most effective thing that helped people transition to veganism was a feature length documentary (21.9%). The second most effective was a conversation with a friend (16.8%) and the third was a video on the internet (14,4%) Read more on Sandra Nomoto’s article. Yeah, it’s a survey, which isn’t 100% accurate, but think about it yourself. Have you ever eaten a vegan meal, or bought something that was ethically-made? Think about what it was exactly that inspired you to do that. Did you watch Cowspiracy, or watch a documentary showing cows being skinned alive to make 85% of our leather in Bangladesh while children were knee-deep in toxic blue chemicals used for the tanning process, or read a social media post from the Fashion Revolution on the #WhoMadeYourClothes campaign? Whatever it was to help you change your shopping behavior, your senses and emotions certainly played a role. It’s what you read, see or hear that helps shape your behavior, and nature-loving creatives who excel at the art of storytelling and visualization have THE most influence on inspiring consumers to eat, shop, and live consciously which is why I want to help them. I’m an animal rights author myself, so I can relate to many of the problems they have in their freelancing business and now, after so many year, I can help others solve them! Now, this does not mean we will stop helping purpose-driven brands market their services or products in an ethical way. On the contrary, we plan to enhance this program to include them as well, so stay tuned for more later this year on that.

It’s gonna be grand!

When humans respect and love nature, they respect and love themselves, and when they respect and love themselves, they respect and love others and when that happens, watch out, because world peace is not far behind.

Jessica Lohmann
Founder, Ethical Brand Marketing

Let’s bring more nature advocacy in this world

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Sending you much peace, love and joy on this blessed day to celebrate our beloved Mother Earth,



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