Hi, I’m Jessica Lohmann

Founder | Ethical Marketing Strategist

Welcome to my world.

A world of healthy choices and opportunities for all animals, humans included.

One with no more animal abuse and testing, child labor, sweatshops, dangerous pandemics and harmful pesticides, GMOs and chemicals on the foods, clothes, meds and products we consume.

And a world without poverty and war.

 Do I believe in fairy dust? Absolutely!

But I also believe in the power of people and our ability to create change together.

And I can help you with your marketing strategy.

A strategy that’s not only ethical, but also knocks people’s socks off and helps you become a leader so that you can make necessary changes in your industry and help save animals and our environment.

 Dare to be rare.

Jessica Lohmann, Ethical Brand Marketing

Why ‘ethical’ marketing?

Traditional marketing practices encourage an unhealthy shopping behavior.

So that we buy things we don’t need and sometimes, things we don’t even want.

Marketing has caused many whopper-sized social, economic and environmental problems.

Such as depression, a lack of gratitude, jealousy, serious debt and CBD (compulsive buying disorder), and it’s also prompted industries to produce their products unethically to cater to the fast and cheap demands of the consumer.

All this production is ruining our environment and driving many species to extinction and I just can’t take it anymore!

The grief I feel for animals that are unnecessarily harmed, threatened or killed to make us richer, look prettier, thinner or fatter runs very deep.

But I don’t want to grieve. I want to act.

So that I can help create a kinder world.

In addition to my giving back strategy, I founded Ethical Brand Marketing to help visionary leaders make a greater impact with a rock-solid ethical marketing strategy.

Because the right marketing will help you move mountains.

Practicing ethical marketing helps you:

  • Enjoy running a thriving sustainable business.
  • Motivate your customers to turn into raving fans.
  • Become an industry leader.
  • Inspire other industries to produce ethically.
  • Save more animals and our environment.
  • Live your purpose and realize your vision.

The 4 Cs of marketing:
Communication. Connection. Collaboration. Creativity.

Before I founded Ethical Brand Marketing, I was a corporate marketing rockstar in various industries in the US and Germany.

In 2013, I left the corporate world to start my own business and in doing so, realized that I no longer wanted to help others with their marketing for the sole purpose of making a profit.

I felt marketing should be more about connection and respectful communication. About helping others, promoting change and mutually beneficial collaborations. I no longer wanted to use manipulative psychology to encourage customers to buy nor did I want to beat the competition for profit’s sake.

I want marketing to not only be ethical on a global scale, but also to be fun and creative which is why I concentrate on the 4 Cs of marketing: Communication. Connection. Collaboration. Creativity.

As a social entrepreneur, I’m also now able to choose my clients carefully, work toward saving as many animals as humanly possible and inspire others to help bring balance back to nature. As well spend more quality time with my family.


Best decision ever made.

When life happens

But how did I get wrapped up in this entire ethical marketing movement anyway? There really was more behind the scenes.

My parents’ deaths in 2016 & 2017 really kicked my mission into high gear. They raised me to respect nature and animals, and I realized after they passed that I want to make more of an impact and inspire others to do the same.

AND, life is too short, so we should be doing what we love – and spend more time with those we love.

Then inevitably, I made friends.

I joined some entrepreneurial communities, and met some incredible changemakers who have inspired me to also make a difference with the talent and expertise that I have.

Jessica's mother holding her as a child in 1972
Jessica as a child standing next to her father in a farm

Word on the path from these amazing changemakers

Project Scope: Marketing strategy consultation

Jessica is exceptional at what she does. I reached out to her to get help with my business and marketing strategy and her understanding of different types of niches and industries is truly astounding.

Jessica draws from her years of marketing expertise and knowledge to tailor a service that is so precise, relevant and personable to your business so you would never feel like you're just another number in her books.

Her level of detail and attention to your business needs are also highly commendable and I have just booked into her Masterclass which is going to be really beneficial for me. Highly recommend her services!

Gaayathri Periasami

Owner, Baby Peppers

Project Scope: Marketing strategy consultation

Jessica really gets ethical marketing, she really gets brand, and she really gets strategy. She asks brilliant questions that bring out the thoughts that are difficult to put into words, creating a sound foundation for all customer attraction activities — so you can be sure to get results.

But not only that — Jessica is also a delightful partner to work with. She's warm, takes customer care super seriously and has got a great sense of humour. Besides, talking about music with her is lots of fun! We're also both expats and I enjoy our little chats about our cultural experiences.

Sabine Harnau

Owner, From Scratch Communications

Project Scope: Marketing strategy consultation

For my upcycling, waste-free sustainable fashion brand, Tatty Moo, I really needed help figuring out just who my ideal customer was, and therefore, what my USP was. I've only ever done short free or cheap marketing courses, but to be honest, I was helped a little, but with Ethical Brand Marketing, I had a more tailored approach for my market.

I feel I now have a more defined view of who to market to; and how to showcase my stock better. I really liked the personal one-to-one nature that Jess provided. She's at the forefront of Ethical Marketing, and I really recommend working with her.

Julia Brown

Owner, Tatty Moo

 The world needs to change

“And, my goodness, don’t we need to change the world?”
An excellent question Dr. Jane Goodall asked Jimmy Fallon.

Thank you for being a part of this change!

I’m so happy to work with my clients who are INCREDIBLE and also want to create a kinder, happier and healthier world for all.

I work strategically with business owners and marketers who want to build up their social enterprise ethically and work toward reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, without manipulating marketing tactics that encourage excessive and unnecessary consumerism and further destroys our environment.

 I want to work with you.

Speaking and writing for the animals

Because I’m multi-talented, I not only market for animals, I speak and write for them too.

As a Voice talent with a smooth, grounded and inspiring voice, I love to narrate image films, nature documentaries, commercials and perform character voices for animations and gaming projects. I can also narrate your next video.

I also published the first of an eco-fantasy book series to show the younger generation that they can change the world. And save animals.

Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest was published on April 24, 2019: World Day for Laboratory Animals. It addresses animal testing in a child-friendly way. Grab your copy now and tell your friends. 


In a nutshell:
I market, speak and write for nature and the animals. 

Ready to be the change?

Exciting stuff, eh? Especially knowing that YOU are a part of it.

Are you ready to step up your marketing to start making a bigger difference in this world

Let me help you thrive with an ethical marketing strategy.

Be the change