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Meet the Founding Changemaker

Helping You Thrive


Jessica Lohmann

Founder | Marketing Strategist

Hi, Jessica here – and I’m here to teach you HOW to make an impact, grow your business, and make tons of moolah using ONLY ethical marketing practices.

I truly believe that the highest ROI always follows an ethical strategy.

Rock On!

You may now be thinking, ‘Well, duh’, but still, most marketers and businesses DON’T practice ethical marketing.

Gone are the days of sleazy salespeople, toxic communication, and selling from a place of desperation.

Let’s leave the manipulative “ick” behind and step up our game, shall we?

I promise – what’s right for the planet is also right for your bank account.

Plus, it just feels good to match your ethical business with ethical marketing practices, doesn’t it?

We are the new generation, and we’re being called to CLEAN UP THE GAME.

How did I get wrapped up in this entire ETHICAL marketing movement anyways?



The 4 Cs:
Communication. Connection. Collaboration. Creativity.

Before I started this business, I was a corporate marketing rockstar and worked for an advertising agency and two software development companies. Yep, it’s true. But in 2013, I become self-employed, because my thoughts about how marketing should be were different than what I was exposed to, I wanted to be able to choose my clients and make an impact in the ethical space. And, I wanted to spend more quality time with my family.

I felt marketing should be more about connection and respectful communication, helping others, promoting change and mutually beneficial collaboration – instead of manipulative psychology & beating the competition for profit’s sake. And, I want marketing to not only be ethical, but also to be fun and creative.


When Life Happens

My parents’ deaths in 2016 & 2017 really kicked my mission into high gear. They raised me to respect nature and animals, and I realized after they passed that I want to make more of an impact and inspire others to respect nature and animals.

AND, life is too short, so we should be doing what we love – and spend more time with those we love.

Then inevitably, I made friends.

I joined some entrepreneurial communities, and met some incredible people who have inspired me to also make a difference with the talent and expertise that I have.

And I have. Check it out:

My mom and I in 1972.
My dad and I at the Catskill's Game Farm in New York in 1974 (I think).

Jessica is exceptional at what she does. I reached out to her to get help with my business and marketing strategy and her understanding of different types of niches and industries is truly astounding.

Jessica draws from her years of marketing expertise and knowledge to tailor a service that is so precise, relevant and personable to your business so you would never feel like you're just another number in her books.

Her level of detail and attention to your business needs are also highly commendable and I have just booked into her Masterclass which is going to be really beneficial for me. Highly recommend her services!

Gaayathri Periasami

Owner, Baby Peppers

Jessica really gets ethical marketing, she really gets brand, and she really gets strategy. She asks brilliant questions that bring out the thoughts that are difficult to put into words, creating a sound foundation for all customer attraction activities — so you can be sure to get results.

But not only that — Jessica is also a delightful partner to work with. She's warm, takes customer care super seriously and has got a great sense of humour. Besides, talking about music with her is lots of fun! We're also both expats and I enjoy our little chats about our cultural experiences.

Sabine Harnau

Owner, From Scratch

For my upcycling, waste-free sustainable fashion brand, Tatty Moo, I really needed help figuring out just who my ideal customer was, and therefore, what my USP was. I've only ever done short free or cheap marketing courses, but to be honest, I was helped a little, but with Ethical Brand Marketing, I had a more tailored approach for my market.

I feel I now have a more defined view of who to market to; and how to showcase my stock better. I really liked the personal one-to-one nature that Jess provided. She's at the forefront of Ethical Marketing, and I really recommend working with her.

Julia Brown

Owner, Tatty Moo


The World Needs to Change

“And, my goodness, don’t we need to change the world?”
An excellent question Dr. Jane Goodall asks Jimmy Fallon in an interview in 2017.

So I’d like to take a minute to thank you for being apart of that change.

Meet Nala, my buddy who helps me pick up trash every day in the woods. We collect and throw away about 1 full bag every daylight walk, that’s 2 bags/day! In GERMANY btw, where our neighborhood’s are fairly clean!

Nala looking perplexed at the trash I collected that morning! We pick up 1 full bag every daylight walk, that's 2 bags/day!

My clients are INCREDIBLE – they literally ARE the change. I work with business owners and marketers who desire a different way forward. They’ve built their business, made sales, brought in positive feedback, but now it’s time to step it up – ethically.

About 4 years into my business journey, I realized that In order to make a real impact, I had to stop ‘doing’ other people’s marketing and start teaching others how to do it themselves.

That’s when I founded Ethical Brand Marketing.


Why Ethical Marketing?

Marketing and the media have caused us to become unconscious consumers – to want this, that, and the other.

And that’s caused us some whopper-sized issues…

Like depression, serious debt and CBD (compulsive buying disorder), and it’s also prompted industries to produce their products unethically in order cater to the fast and cheap demands of the consumer.

Our mindset needs to shift for a more conscious living style.

When we do it will mean BIG THINGS:

  • Improved mental health for society as a whole.
  • Reducing the demand for fast and cheap.
  • Forcing manufacturers to produce more ethically and reduce harm to animals (humans included), and our environment.

Exciting stuff, eh? Especially knowing that YOU are apart of that.

Many startups and solopreneurs know that Marketing is necessary, but they don’t plan for it, they dabble in it, doing social media and mailings every now and then, without a real strategy behind it.

I am here to help YOU to thrive, through an ethical marketing strategy that works.

Jessica Lohmann, Founder Ethical Brand Marketing

I work with people who see these sleazy practices, and stand up to say:


Business CAN be different. Marketing can BE GOOD and FEEL GOOD.

If you’re ready to forge a new way forward, and learn how to dazzle your right people without doing harm to your soul or the environment along the way…

Wanna be the change and move forward?