Getting under the skin

Communicate – Connect – Collaborate – Create

Our mission

To help protect nature by changing the way we market.

What does marketing have to do with nature?

Humans are not above nature. We are nature just like all life forms on Earth.

So, when we harm nature, we harm ourselves.

Our planet? No worries, Earth will prevail, with or without us.

We believe marketing is partially responsible for the harm we’ve caused.

Commonly used marketing manipulation tactics enable excessive consumer behavior, materialism and a throw-away culture because they help drive sales for products and services people don’t need, and sometimes, don’t even want.

They also cause immense debt, hoarding, compulsive buying disorder as well as fear, greed, lack of worth, etc.

Marketing can make us feel crappy and happy. It’s manipulation mayhem.

We want to change that. 

By creating and implementing ethical marketing strategies, we help people make a conscious choice.

With discernment comes respect. With respect comes a better world.

So, we’re starting with what we do best: Ethical Marketing.

How you market matters!

Our vision

To help create a kind, healthy and safe  world.

One with no more animal abuse and testing, child labor, sweatshops, dangerous pandemics and harmful pesticides, GMOs and chemicals on the foods, clothes, meds and products we consume.

And a world without poverty, hate, discrimination and war.

Do we believe in fairy dust? Absolutely!

We also believe in the power of people and our ability to create change together.

Together with nature-protecting visionary leaders.

Using what we call the 4 Cs of ethical marketing:

  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity 

This world is attainable. Let’s create it together!

Our path

Founder and animal rights author, Jessica Lohmann, received her BBA in marketing in 1991 at the University of South Carolina, USA.

During her successful stint in the corporate world, she realized how destructive marketing can be and didn’t want to enable it any more, so became self-employed in 2013 to create and implement marketing strategies on her own terms.

She figured out who she wanted to help:
Nature-protecting visionary leaders,
and how she wanted to help them:
Ethically, without the manipulation.

In March 2018, Jessica founded Ethical Brand Marketing.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.


Jessica Lohmann, Founder of Ethical Brand Marketing

Our Core Values


We are highly committed to changing the way we market. For us, using manipulation tactics to drive a sale is as unethical as performing harmful experiments on animals and exploiting children to make cheap clothes. We only use honesty, integrity and transparency in every project we work on.


We don’t assume or guess. We use data to make the right decisions so that our clients don’t waste time and money throwing spaghetti at walls hoping it’ll stick.


We can achieve great things, but we can achieve greater things if we work together. Our world is divided enough which hinders progress. We unite forces to reach our goals.


We understand the trust issues with marketers. How can you trust someone who manipulates you? We get it and take integrity very seriously. Marketing is about helping people make a conscious choice. We will not persuade you to work with us, nor give you a 72 hour deadline to accept our proposal, nor will we ever suggest to use manipulation tactics while creating your marketing strategy.

If you see us not abiding to our core values, please contact us.

Our milestones

Your contribution

Because wealth is not equally distributed in this world and approx. 20 species are driven to extinction every day, we created a giving back strategy to help protect life on Earth.

A strategy that will continue to grow as our business and clients grow.

You hire us to help you transform your marketing and we pay our bills and fund nature and nature-protecting projects through our membership with 1% for the Planet.

Let’s create your own impactful giving back strategy!