Our pledge: Aligning values with ethical marketing

Marketing abuse causes significant harm, both socially and environmentally.

This includes and is not limited to:

  • Stealing materials from Mother Earth without giving time for replenishment/self-healing
  • Production and consumption of unnecessary and unwanted products
  • Promoting a throwaway culture that results in overflowing landfills
  • Enabling destructive behaviors such as human and non-human animal cruelty and exploitation, fear of missing out (FOMO), body shame, eating disorders, compulsive buying disorder (CBD), hoarding, financial struggles, jealousy, greed, etc.

Over-consumerism supports global warming which is a super wicked problem for us and our planet.

The root cause: Our complete disconnect from nature.

At Ethical Brand Marketing, we truly believe that all of our societal problems stem from this disconnect.

If all humans fully understood that we ARE nature, and respected and loved all things in nature, then our world would be kinder, healthier, and more abundant.

We can’t change the past, but we can rewrite our future!

We pledge to be the most effective Nature Advocates we can possibly be and use marketing as the proactive practice of crafting and delivering value-oriented offerings that empower individuals to make informed decisions, cater to their needs, and contribute to the protection of nature.

 How? It starts with our vision for ethical marketing.

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Our vision

To help create a kinder, healthier and more abundant world for nature

It’s Earth Day 2035 and 1000s of nature-loving creatives (copywriters/writers, graphic/web designers, photographers, filmmakers, etc.) are using their talent to spread awareness, joy and compassion to help protect nature.

We call them Visionary Leaders for Nature

Through their epic art and strong collaborative partnerships with eco-friendly brands and non-profit organizations, they design the most effective, inspiring, ethical and clever campaigns that are shared by millions and featured in major publications expanding multiple industries.

This ripple effect results in overjoyed clients who offer them long-term security and top roles in designing award-winning campaigns.

Supporting the paradigm shift in consumer behavior by combining ethical marketing practices and positive nature advocacy with pure ingenuity, these Visionary Leaders successfully inspire entire generations to connect more with nature and shop consciously.

Their talented gift contributes to the drastic reduction of overconsumerism, the return rate, and production costs, opening the market for lower income consumers who crave quality at an affordable price.

Shopping consciously from eco-friendly brands is now the standard

Regenerative forest, ocean, and agriculture initiatives worldwide have been funded. Endangered species are being saved from extinction, and forests and coral reefs are flourishing once again.

Ecocide is only mentioned in history books, and wildlife crimes are heavily enforced, abolishing organized crime groups.

Veganism has risen from 1.1% in 2022 to 25%.

Industrial farming is banned, decreasing the number of animals on farms by 75%. Farm animals now live with their young and graze, play, sleep and live comfortably until it’s their time to naturally transition.

Every living species has access to nutritious fruits and vegetables, and clean water.

With scientific knowledge and non-animal testing NAMs (New Approach Methodologies), diseases, pandemics and medicinal side effects have been reduced to a bare minimum. Animal testing will be fully eradicated worldwide by 2040.

Cities are transforming into eco oases in perfect balance and harmony with sustainable industry, cleaner public transportation systems and technologies.

People and our planet are thriving with abundance.

This world is attainable!

Our mission

We work with nature-loving freelancing creatives to deliver ethical marketing programs that help them become visible and find the right eco-friendly clients so that together, they will design epic award-winning campaigns that inspire entire generations to connect more with nature, shop consciously and support global projects to regenerate forest, marine and agriculture ecosystems.

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Our path

Founder and animal welfare writer, Jessica Lohmann, received her BBA in marketing in 1991 at the University of South Carolina, USA.

Before the internet and so, she witnessed the transition of watching consumers deal with false advertising every now and then to being manipulated into buying things they don’t need, and often things they don’t even want on a daily basis.

During her successful stint in the corporate world, she realized this was not her true path and became self-employed in 2013 to create and implement marketing strategies that are in alignment with nature.

At first, she freelanced as a creative marketing strategist, copywriter, social media marketer, voice talent and translator (DE → EN).

Her freelancing business was growing as an English native speaking talent.

After five years of freelancing, she founded Ethical Brand Marketing in March 2018 to fully concentrate on ethical marketing consultation, strategy creation and her voice work.

Fast forward another five years with the desire to make an enhancement to more effectively realize our vision. In the summer of 2023, we will launch the first iteration of our ethical marketing program for freelancing creatives: Copywriters/Writers, Photographers, Graphic Designers and Filmmakers.

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Jessica Lohmann, Founder of Ethical Brand Marketing
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Our Core Values


Our Code of Ethics is the compass that guides every decision we make. It’s a reflection of our core values, shaped by respect for all life forms, and a commitment to promoting ethical, sustainable business practices.

This Code of Ethics forms the bedrock of our mission to assist eco creatives and brands in crafting and implementing marketing strategies that align with their values.

In upholding this code, we strive to inspire generations to appreciate and protect nature, demonstrating unwavering integrity and dedication to a just and compassionate world.

It’s our promise to you and our planet –- a steadfast commitment to ethical, effective, and impactful marketing.


We are highly committed to changing the way we market. For us, using manipulation tactics to drive a sale in our messaging is as unethical as deforesting the precious rainforests we need to breathe. We use honesty, integrity and transparency in our messaging, and show you how in our marketing strategies and educational programs.


It took decades for universities to understand that marketing is not just about the 4 Ps (Product, Placement, Promotion, Pricing) which is what universities have been teaching for decades. They’ve now included one of the two most important Ps (People), and are still leaving out Planet when creating and implementing marketing strategies.

We believe in the power of connecting with nature and with each other. When we’re present and aware, we can act in the most mindful and impactful way. So join us in creating campaigns that inspire generations to come. Together, let’s make a difference for people and our planet.


We can achieve great things as a winning team at Ethical Brand Marketing, however, we know that we can move mountains if we work with others outside our team. We want to help foster strong partnerships and collaborations with mission-aligned individuals so that we can more effectively reach our goals and make our vision become a reality.


Marketing is a highly creative profession and when it comes to shifting human behavior and perspectives so that we can design a better world, we have to get creative. With our talents, both in visual design and in the written word, we are fully committed to take the time and provide the space for creative expression and use it in an ethical way.

If you see that we are not abiding to our core values, please contact us.

Our milestones

Your contribution

Because wealth is not equally distributed in this world and approx. 20 species are driven to extinction every day, we created a giving back strategy to help protect life on Earth.

A strategy that will continue to grow as our business and clients grow.
When you make an investment to access our services and programs, we give back up to 3% of our revenue to nature-protecting projects through our memberships with various organizations, shown below.

We are currently looking for new initiatives to regenerate forest, marine and agriculture ecosystems worldwide and will add them to our website as soon as a strong partnership is formed.

 Pledging allegiance to Nature!

Transform your marketing