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Getting under the skin.

Communicate. Connect. Collaborate. Create.

The path.

Our mission is to help brand owners and marketers create and implement an ethical marketing strategy that not only increases their revenue and turns them into a leader to make positive changes in their industry, but also helps them save our environment and as many animals as humanly possible.

Through our work with our clients and partnership with B1G1, we created a giving back strategy to help save and protect all species and our environment.


The circle of life is
the band of hope. ~Tim Rice

Why this particular path.

In March 2018, Jessica Lohmann founded Ethical Brand Marketing out of love and respect for Mother Nature and all she takes care of. This unconditional love remains at the heart of many of us who shop consciously and want to see positive changes in this world.

We strive to be one with nature and want children to be able to experience and enjoy the beauty of it too. As an ethical marketer, vegan and conscious consumer, Jessica wants to inspire others to collaborate with others so that we can make a greater impact together.

She also takes a mindful, simple and step-by-step approach to the way she teaches and markets.

Her compassion for animals drives her to help ethical brands get more exposure to become industry leaders and be able to use their power and influence to initiate change.

Each step we take to reduce the harm done to our beautiful planet is a step in the right direction and we truly believe we’re on the right path.

How we can help you.

We help ethical brand owners create and implement an ethical marketing strategy that rocks. But not only that, that’s fun to implement!

How? Through our 1:1 marketing consultations and reviews to help you optimize your website, social media presence and copywriting.

We’re also currently working on masterclasses, workshops and a full-scale training program so stay tuned for more information about that.


Speaker for the animals.

Because videos are one of the – if not THE – most effective online marketing tool, Jessica offer voiceovers to help you spread your message.

Jessica’s voice is warm, strong, smooth, natural, trustworthy, down-to-earth and cheerful. One that instructs, energizes and motivates the listener to react to the message being conveyed. She can tell a story – and more importantly – she can sell, authentically and ethically.

With our guidance, you’ll get the individual help you need so that you can:

  • Easily attract your ideal customers
  • Enjoy requests to sell your products in retail stores and online shops
  • Receive consistent speaking opportunities for live events
  • Automate your marketing to ease your workload and that of your team
  • Enjoy success and a constant flow of income
  • Leverage your business to become an industry leader and make a bigger impact

With your new ethical marketing strategy, you’ll be able to use your knowledge and influence to make a greater impact.

Why ethical marketing is so important.

Because you should have a steady revenue stream and not have to take a hit on profit just to remain competitive in the marketplace or have to close shop because your marketing efforts are not working out for you. Because you not only want to survive. You want to thrive!

Here at Ethical Brand Marketing, we are fully committed to helping you market your products and services in an ethical and fun way so that you can lead the change to become an industry leader and make this world a better place.

Giving back strategy.

Because wealth is not equally distributed in this world and approx. 20 species become extinct every day, we created a giving back strategy that will continue to grow as this business grows. Through our membership with B1G1 (Buy1Give1) and projects with our clients, we give back to families and animals in need.


Increase revenue to be able to make a greater impact.

Guide to transform your marketing to make a greater impact.

Strategically and ethically market your social enterprise.


And become an industry leader to be able to make a greater impact.

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Did you know that I also write for the animals?

Did you know that I also write for the animals?

 Hi, I'm Jess Lohmann, founder of Ethical Brand Marketing and I not only market for the animals, I write for them too.

On April 24: World Day for Laboratory Animals, I published Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest, the 1st of a middle-grade series that shows kids they have the power to make a difference and save animals.

Join fellow animal lovers and receive updates about new book releases, fun stuff to do in nature, easy conservation ideas, exclusive offers for fans and more!

As a thank you, I'll send you the digital version of Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest for free.

Awesome. Please check your inbox for the link to grab my book. By the way, my mails will be from Jess Lohmann, not Ethical Brand Marketing.