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About Ethical Brand Marketing

Connect. Communicate. Change.


The Mission

To teach ethical brand owners and marketers how to create and implement an ethical marketing strategy that finds conscious consumers, turns them into raving fans and rocks their revenue so that they can make a bigger impact and help save our planet and as many animals as humanly possible.



while tightly huggin’ those trees

Why I’m On this Mission

I, Jessica Lohmann, founded Ethical Brand Marketing in March 2018 out of love and respect for Mother Nature and all she takes care of. This unconditional love remains at the heart of many of us who shop consciously and want to see change in this world.

I strive to always be one with nature and want children to be able to experience and enjoy the beauty of it, too. As an ethical marketer, vegan and conscious consumer, I want to inspire others to collaborate with others so that we can make a greater impact together.

I take a mindful, simple and step-by-step approach to the way I teach and market.

My compassion for plants and animals drives me to actively try to save them by sharing my marketing expertise and helping ethical brands get more exposure to become industry leaders and be able to use their power and influence to initiate change.

I have to admit though, I’m not 100% ethical, but then again, no one is. However, each step we take to reduce the harm done to our planet Earth is a step in the right direction and I truly believe we’re all on the right path.


How I Help

I help ethical brand owners create and implement an ethical marketing strategy that rocks. But not only that, that’s fun to implement!

How? Through my 1:1 marketing consultations and reviews to help you optimize your website, social media presence and copywriting.

I’m also currently working on masterclasses, workshops and a full-scale training program so that you can walk away with a marketing strategy that will find conscious consumers and clients, turn them into raving fans and rock your revenue so that you can make an even greater impact in your industry!

With my guidance, you’ll get the individual help you need so that you can:

  • Easily attract the right customers who’ll become repeat buyers and share your stuff with everyone
  • Enjoy people asking if they can sell your collections and products in their stores and online shops
  • Constantly open your inbox to find people asking you to speak at live events that bring wonderful networking opportunities
  • Put your marketing on auto-pilot so that you can ease your workload and enjoy your private life
  • Enjoy success and a constant flow of income so that your business doesn’t take over your private life
  • Leverage your business and increase sales so that you can become an industry leader and truly make an impact

With your new ethical marketing strategy, you’ll be able to use your knowledge and influence to more effectively execute your vision.

Because I believe that you should have a steady revenue stream and not have to take a hit on profit just to remain competitive in the marketplace or have to close shop because your marketing efforts are not working out for you.

Ethical Brand Marketing is fully committed to helping you market your ethical products and services so that you can lead the charge to become the industry leader and enjoy well-earned money doing it.