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Nov 19, 2018

Now that You Know the Truth about Marketing

Are you Ready to Change it?

In my last post, I talked about the six cool things that happen when you practice ethical marketing.

Yes, we’re turning this into a blog post series because it’s THAT important to us and we want to give you bite-sized pieces to chew on so that you don’t choke!

The topic of Ethical Marketing is a bit difficult to discuss because, on the one hand, companies have been digitally marketing for two decades now and it’s become common practice to follow the tactics that claim to be successful. We, marketers, have refined our craft via technology to find all new ways to get into the heads of consumers. YAY us!

While it’s fascinating – and important – to know how your customers think and what they need, it’s horrifying to know what some of it has done to our society and our environment.

Most of us have fallen into the manipulation trap of buying stuff that we don’t even want just because we felt the need in that particular second. And in our own marketing, we’ve all probably used some manipulation tactic with or without even realizing it. Some tactics can be justified, but others not when you really think about it.

So, today, I’m gonna list seven things that you could implement in your marketing strategy and will go into them in graver detail over the next few months because each point is big enough to celebrate its own thunder.


Seven Things you’ll Want to Implement in your Ethical Marketing Strategy

#1: Rounded Numbers
#2: Honesty and Transparency
#3: Abundance and Patience
#4: Trusting Collaborations
#5: Concentration on your Customers
#6: Sociability
#7: Mindfulness


#1: Rounded Numbers

This first one is simple. Very simple.

Instead of writing $2,99, you write $3,00. Instead of writing $247, you write $300. Capisce?

How much does it cost? Do you EVER answer that question with the psychological number of $197 or do you just say $200? You say $200, don’t you? I think we all do.

So if the psychology and manipulation of these prices are overused and not effective anymore, why even bother? Well, tradition. Everyone has it in their heads now that you HAVE to charge these odd numbers to get people to buy, but that’s just not true. And funny thing: In the states, the tax still needs to be added, so the price is over $197 anyway!

It’s time we stop the manipulation and just use rounded numbers. Extra bonus: It makes math easier!

#2: Honesty and Transparency

If you want to build up a sustainable business, you have to earn the full trust of your customers. Nothing new, but it’s not always easy.

Especially in the ethical space talking to people who are passionate about animals and saving our planet. We empaths have trust issues. We’re emotional beings trying to do something good in this world, be it as a business owner or consumer, so we need a lot of time to give our trust and loyalty.

This is great for you though because once you have the trust of your customers, you basically keep it forever. It’s a long-term relationship.

#3: Abundance and Patience

When you practice abundance and patience, you won’t feel the need to use scarcity and urgency marketing tactics to get customers to buy from you. We may get a little woo-woo on you with this one, but not know, later. You’re patient, right?

You can subscribe to our newsletter to get an update about when it’s published. No pressure. We’re abundant and patient. You’re abundant and patient. We’re all good. oooohhhhhmmmmmm.

#4: Trusting Collaborations

You want to make an impact by saving animals or our environment, but it’s almost impossible to move mountains alone. Believe me, I’ve tried. And failed. But know that you’re not alone.

There are plenty of people who think just like you. Who have the same mission and would like to pool resources together to make more of an impact. Hey, I’m one of them!


Remember the 4 Cs in Ethical Marketing: Communication, Connection, Collaboration and Creativity!


#5: Concentration on your Customers

As soon as you obsess with ‘beating the competition’, you’ve already failed.

Look at Apple vs. Microsoft. It appeared that MS was constantly looking to see what Apple was doing and Apple copped an attitude like, ‘Do what you guys want, we don’t care, we’re having a great time playing in our own sandbox!’

With that attitude, Apple built up the largest long-term raving fan group we’ve ever seen. Not because they ‘beat the competition’ but because they paid attention to their customers.

Conclusion: It’s more important to concentrate on your own customers than on someone else’s.

#6: Sociability

Seriously, let’s put the social back in social media. And I don’t mean this as Mr. Zuckerberg meant it with Facebook’s latest algorithm change. I mean, think before you post. Or comment. Or spam. Or follow.

I’m really looking forward to writing about this topic in full detail. Like the others, I’m going to use examples of the good, bad and ugly, so be sure to subscribe now. No pressure though, just a kind reminder!

When you practice abundance and patience, you won’t feel the need to use scarcity and urgency marketing tactics to get customers to buy from you.

#7: Mindfulness

It’s not always easy being conscious about what you write, think or act upon. Basically, I have one rule of thumb, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Like in your copywriting, or your next campaign, or the person you’re about to hire. If your gut says no, then maybe you should listen to it. Again, more about this in a few weeks.


Want to read the good, bad and ugly examples of Ethical Marketing?


If you have any more ideas to implement, please share them so that others can learn and we can start to see changes in the marketing industry sooner.

Rock on,

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