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Connect with Like-Minders. Rock your Revenue. Change your Industry.

Because your business rocks and it’s about time your revenue did too!

Building up an Ethical Business and Making Positive Changes in Your Industry is a Challenge

Because you know the harm your industry does to humans, animals, and our environment, you’ve made it your mission to start a sustainable business so that you can make positive changes in your industry and an impact in this world. Thank you for that!

But, it sure isn’t easy being green! Not only do you have to look for cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free solutions for your fashion and beauty business, you also have to market it!


Ethical Brand Marketing Defined

When you think of marketing though, does your heart sink? Maybe you were burned in the past by an unethical marketer. Or you’re sick of ads pushing products in your face. Or your eMail inbox is filled with messages you’ll never have time to read. Or the fact that the web algorithms know everything about your buying habits and you freak out when you see an ad on Facebook for the very same product you’ve just eyed on eBay. ACK!

This kind of marketing comes with many negatives: Manipulation. Price wars. Competition battles. Insanely-priced advertising.

Why? Not because marketing is evil, but because many corporations and industries have become unethical and abusive with their processes.

This is NOT Ethical Brand Marketing!


“Ethical Brand Marketing is about connecting with like-minded people and coming together to initiate positive changes in your industry and ultimately, the world.”

You need to Rock Your Revenue!

Does that help you view marketing in a more positive light? It truly is a mindset thing and since you have control over your marketing, you don’t have to revert to any sleazy tactics.

Instead, you can learn to have fun with your marketing because once it starts working out for you, there’s nothing more motivating than to get creative and watch your customers engage!

Not only that, but you really have no choice. You HAVE to market and earn enough money otherwise you’re engaging in a hobby and not running a business. And if you continue to spend your time dabbling in marketing because you haven’t created a marketing strategy, you may have to close shop one day and that would really suck.

The only way to make marketing fun is if you market ethically.
The only way to make money is if you master your marketing.
The only way to master your marketing is if you think strategically.
And this is where we come in!


It’s Time to Master Your Marketing

If you’re fully committed to your business but aren’t seeing the revenue you need to be able to reach your goals and have a private life, you need to think strategically and create an Ethical Marketing Strategy that Rocks! Either that or optimize the one you’ve already got.

So that you can do all this:

»   Easily attract the right customers who’ll become repeat buyers and share your stuff with everyone
»   Enjoy people asking if they can sell your collections and products in their stores and online shops
»   Constantly open your inbox to find people asking you to speak at live events that bring wonderful networking opportunities
»   Put your marketing on auto-pilot so that you can ease your workload and enjoy your private life
»   Enjoy success and a constant flow of income so that your business doesn’t take over your private life
»   Leverage your business and increase sales so that you can become an industry leader and truly make an impact


How We Help Ethical Brands

Ethical Brand Marketing is new, but the people behind the scenes have been around for a long time, helping ethical brand owners create and implement a marketing strategy that brings results.

We offer 1:1 consultations to give you personalized guidance, reviews of your website, social channels and copywriting and are currently working on masterclasses, workshops and a full-scale training program so that you can walk away with a marketing strategy that rocks!!

Have an Ethical Business that Rocks but not Earning Enough Money?



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