Nature-loving visionary leaders respect life on Earth

As a nature-loving visionary leader, you understand why running your business in an ethical way will help protect all life on Earth.

Since traditional manipulation tactics are used to drive sales, marketing is partially responsible for over-consumerism, causing massive harm to nature.

No wonder why many people have negative feelings toward marketing.

Marketing is necessary for every business though, and it can be ethical and align with your values as well as help protect nature.

We can show you how.

At Ethical Brand Marketing, we help eco creatives and brands attract mission-aligned clients so that you don’t have to chase them and can concentrate more on your craft.

Thank you for being a visionary leader!

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Dare to be rare

Marketing help is here

As a social entrepreneur, you’re a rare breed, however, the competition is growing because the demand for sustainable products and ethical services is increasing rapidly.
We embrace this paradigm shift because it helps protect nature.

This kind of healthy competition is good, too.

There’s no need to ‘beat your competition’ as enough caring humans are here to support you.

We stand for UNITY because we can only reach our worldly goals if we work together.

  • We help you strategically position your brand so that you attract your ideal clients.
  • We help you concentrate on your own clients, not someone else’s.
  • We help you form valuable long-lasting partnerships that will bring you forward.
  • With our wide network, we help you find the right partners to promote your brand.

If you’re looking for an ethical marketing agency who understands your mission so that you can grow your business and make greater positive impact in this world without using harmful marketing practices,

you’ve come to the right place.

Ethical marketing defined

We define ethical marketing as:

“the proactive practice of crafting and delivering value-oriented offerings that empower individuals to make informed decisions, cater to their needs, and contribute to the protection of nature.”

To help protect nature from over-consumerism, ethical marketing promotes honesty, fairness, and social responsibility to help consumers make a conscious choice.

It presents an offer in an authentic way to give consumers the information they need to make a discerned decision.

Customers should buy products and services because they either need or want them, not because they were persuaded to buy them.

Manipulation tactics such as greenwashing, urgency, scarcity, blaming, shaming and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) play into human fears, anxiety, guilt, and other emotions to drive a sale.

Not only is this unethical, and cruel, it’s not the most effective way to gain loyal customers.

In fact, as people are increasingly protesting social and environmental injustices, they are also recognizing these kinds of manipulative marketing tactics as such and are beginning to protest them as well.

We are fed up with marketing abuse!

We want to help change the marketing industry!

How might we do that?

At Ethical Brand Marketing, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the marketing industry and reduce over-consumerism.

We’re redefining the rules and pioneering a new approach that brings together nature-loving creatives and mission-aligned eco-friendly clients.

By fostering ethical partnerships that are rooted in shared values, not just profit.

We create marketing strategies for eco-friendly brands and offer an interactive educational platform where nature-loving freelancing creatives learn how to design and implement their own marketing strategies that are not only manageable and effective, they also align with their values.

We’re saying no to sleazy marketing tactics and yes to authenticity, integrity and respect for our planet.

We’re not just marketers, we’re educators, advocates and changemakers, harnessing the power of ethical narratives, focusing on educational marketing strategies that highlight the health, environmental, and ethical benefits of conscious living.

Let’s create a marketing industry that respects our planet, values ethics over profit, and inspires positive change.

Let’s change the narrative together!

Attract more eco-friendly clients as an eco creative

An impactful ethical marketing strategy helps eco creatives and brands thrive and:

  • See a steady increase in revenue
  • Easily fascinate loyal clients who are happy to work with and support you
  • Receive amazing collaboration opportunities
  • Hire a team of fellow changemakers who share your vision
  • Ease your workload and that of your team
  • Watch your social media channels burst with engagement and convert followers into clients
  • Become a leader and make positive changes in your industry
  • Make more of an impact by protecting nature
  • Enjoy quality time with your family, in the evenings, on the weekends and on vacation

Word on the path

Safiya Allaf

Marketing by Nature Trailblazer

Results: “Already everything that I’ve learned from the course and have action implemented has brought in new opportunities. And I know that it will continue to bring in more opportunities like down the Like this time next year, I’ll be like, why did I even hesitate on investing in my business?”

“I’ve been invited to do two talks, different networking events, which is really cool, all around sustainability and the kind of sector that I’ve chosen that I want to work in.

Overall satisfaction “5 stars = Excellent: It was really hard at times and definitely challenging to dedicate the time each week but I am so glad I signed up. While externally my business hasn’t changed much, I still have the same handful of clients and my revenue hasn’t suddenly increased. BUT the internal change, the growth in confidence and the mindset shift have done a complete 180.”

About solving her problem: “[I feel] empowered and armed with the right tools, knowledge and resources to bring in my dream clients.”

Watch Safiya’s response on video

Stacey Shaller

Marketing by Nature Trailblazer

Results: My LinkedIn network has completely changed and has taken a 180 as far as who’s in there and there are definitely people in my niche. It’s it’s no longer just a void of whoever whatever people so that, I think is a tangible thing.

“And I have gotten a few actual inquiries now from people who found me online or that I met at an event. So I have deals now that I’m working through and potential clients that I’m currently talking to. There’s a big one, too. I got a small client as well.”

Overall satisfaction “5 stars = Excellent: The program was very in-depth and comprehensive. I can see and measure progress from when I started to now. The rest of the group was also great and worked well together.

“Jessica, you dug deep in this program. This program really breaks it down, gives you the tools and strategies to go after what you want, how to know what is working and what isn’t working.

“Jessica is an amazing coach and you’ll quickly find your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be able to work through those sticky points and come out the other side with the tools and strategies to start a business effectively.”

Anna Korlath

Marketing by Nature Trailblazer

Results: I had an increase in social engagement, coffee chats, and followers…

Overall satisfaction “5 stars = Excellent: It was well planned with all the subjects, the templates are amazing, and your availability made it go over and beyond. I think the material and the framework of how to build an offer and ideal client will be what I always use from now on. I really like the structure.”

Biggest win: “I now know what steps I need to take, no matter how many times I need to take those steps, and know how to get to the results. Even if I want to build a whole other business, I would have the tools, and that was the most valuable.”

“It’s a great opportunity to get your business going. The constant support and feedback, and the live aspect pushed me to do the work. Honestly, it was great how it was.”

On her key takeaway: There are too many. I think all the parts gave great insights. But the most important one is probably that one has to know very precisely what the business goal is.”

Tara Pigott

Marketing by Nature Trailblazer

Recommendation: “It’s a really comprehensive programme that will transform the way you approach marketing for your business and will likely be indispensable for your success and your overall business satisfaction.

“Marketing by Nature is the only place where I, as a freelance graphic designer, can get ethical marketing support, so that I can define my purpose, increase my confidence and create a financially successful business that aligns with my values and impact goals.”

Biggest win: “Finding out what industry and clients I want to work with – aligning my passions with my work.”

On her key takeaway: “Confidence charging my value.”

Andre Retief

“Jessica is great to work with. She is one of those rare gems who makes a substantial difference. She communicates well, gets the job done, has good ideas, thinks outside the box. She is an asset to any company or client she works with. We will definitely continue with Jessica in the future.”

~ Andre Retief, Owner, Safari With Us


Jessica Lohmann was hired to create and implement an Ethical Marketing Strategy for Safari With Us.

48% = Increase of direct bookings after only 3 months of implementation.
434% = Increase of direct bookings from 2nd quarter 2015 (3 months before hiring Jessica) to 2nd quarter 2016 (6 months after hiring Jessica).

Sabine Harnau

“Jessica really gets ethical marketing, she really gets brand, and she really gets strategy. She asks brilliant questions that bring out the thoughts that are difficult to put into words, creating a sound foundation for all customer attraction activities — so you can be sure to get results.

But not only that — Jessica is also a delightful partner to work with. She’s warm, takes customer care super seriously and has got a great sense of humour. Besides, talking about music with her is lots of fun! We’re also both expats and I enjoy our little chats about our cultural experiences.”

~ Sabine Harnau, Owner, From Scratch Communications

Arshad Khalid

“I have learned a lot during the course of these consultations on how to position the brand, what works and what doesn’t. This is very much a work in progress but the consultation has definitely helped in forming a coherent marketing strategy.

Jessica is very easy to talk to and helps with all aspects of the marketing knowledge. Working with Jessica is like working with a friend who understands you but also guides you. Our calls were more of a discussion rather than a one way exercise. The whole experience was very fulfilling. She is also not a clock watcher.

If you are looking for someone who takes time to understand your business and is willing to help you with every marketing need, Jessica is your marketing guru.

It was simply brilliant. I will definitely miss our regular catch ups!”

~ Arshad Khalid, Owner, Ethiqana

Karen Quiros

“I love Jessica. If Jessica tells you she’ll have something done by a certain date, you can count on it, and that it’s done to perfection. She was concise and expeditious in creating and executing the plan. I love that I could count on her and wish that she was on my team full-time! Jessica delivers and is committed to her clients and will go above and beyond to make sure the work gets done, even if it requires that she learns a new program. Jessica is a visionary, she’s articulate, patient, thorough, honest, personable, creative, sincere, hard working and intelligent. It’s hard to find all of those qualities in just one person…she’s a gem!”

~ Karen Quiros, Owner, Balanced Wellness Consulting

Ingo Dignas

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jessica. Her qualified marketing expertise and strategic thinking skills were very valuable while setting up a new international marketing strategy for our cloud product line. Jessica is a responsible and valued manager and the team simply loved the way she turned ideas into reality.”

~ Ingo Dignas, Managing Partner, protel hotelsoftware GmbH

 Here’s how we help eco creatives and brands:


Is something off and you don’t know why? Four eyes are better than two. We review your website, social channels and/or copywriting to make sure the right customers say “WOW!” when they first find you, get inspired to read more and then say, “YES, this is who I want to support!”


Marketing by Nature is an interactive group program that helps creatives strategically position themselves so that they attract mission-aligned eco-friendly clients. Learn how to master ethical marketing, sales, and messaging skills at a reduced price until June 25 as an early adopter.


If you want to learn how to create your own ethical marketing strategy, we will guide you through the process in 1:1 coaching sessions. We’ll dive deep into your brand, ideal customers, messaging, etc. With private consultations, you’ll end up with a personalized and impactful ethical marketing strategy.

Strategy Creation

If you don’t want the high cost of an in-house marketing director, and lack the experience or time to create an ethical marketing strategy yourself, hire us to create one for you. Unlock your business’s full potential and let us craft a winning marketing strategy tailored just for you.

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